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Monster Power and Loot

From pcgamer interview:


"And you’ve said Level 0 will be less difficult than the game is now, but will be giving you the same amount of rewards as you’re getting now?"

JW: "Yeah, more or less. That changes based on the difficulty you’re in, and even in Inferno, the act that you’re in. So, at Act 3 of Inferno, you’ll probably need to set Monster Power to level two or three for it to feel as difficult as it is currently, but you’ll actually get better rewards for that."

"How will it affect the distribution of items? Like, can you find item level 63 stuff in earlier acts if you crank up Monster Power?"

WC: "You can get item level 63 stuff in all acts of Inferno when Monster Power is on. The moment you go into Inferno with any kind of Monster Power, all monsters become level 63, and they can now all drop item level 63 stuff the same way that Act III and Act IV Inferno do now. However, cranking up Monster Power beyond MP1 does not further increase your chance of getting 63 stuff."

So increasing MP above 1 does not increase your chance of getting i63, but in the first statement they said putting the MP to 2 or 3 will will give you better rewards. This seems like two contradicting statements.
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There are two ways that they use to make the rewards better:
1. Increase the ilevel of loot
2. Increase the sheer number of drops

MP1 will do both. MP2-MP10 will only do #2.
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Basically everyone will be farming act 3 over and over again, same as it is now..... Because it's a 16% chance of a il63 dropping vs 4% in act 1..... And turning up MP won't change the chance of finding more il 63 becuase of the 16%..... You should have a better chance of good rolls and maybe more leg/set items tho if blizz doesn't stealth nerf the drop rates before the patch goes live man ;)
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MP1 will make act 1 and 2 as rewarding as act 3 by making the monsters lvl63. MP2 and beyond only raises your MF by 25% per level (So does MP1). It's pretty dumb since enemy HP goes up about 33% per level, and 25% MF bonus to 300% is only an 8.3% increase. So basically not worth the time to farm anything besides MP0-3, depending on how nice your gear is.

They did not really make the game challenging, it just takes longer to kill things. For less reward per time invested as you scale up the difficulty. Monsters do hurt more but I was surprised to see my DH who dies to 3 hulking phasebeast attacks in current 1.04 survive an attack in MP10.
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need amethyst on helm for better survivability.
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You're leaving out the part in the patch about item affixes being based on the mob level rather than ilvl. That's a pretty significant change paired with the information above.
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simple... you get more MF and GF, not more lvl 63s....
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