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Suggestion: Followers in Multiplayer

My girlfriend and I have played co-op Diablo from level 1, now level 54, and both of us have wondered... Why can't the Followers stick with us throughout the game?

Not really trying to create an argument, more wondering if any others out there that do a lot of Co-op have found it more fun, handy, and engaging to have that extra little NPC following you and your friends around. On top of that, we have missed out on experiencing 'all the time and personality building' that blizzard has put into these characters.

Not to mention whenever I find any loot for a Follower I just think 'Well thats Useless...' seeing as I will probably always be playing this game with one friend or another. (As the single player doesn't appeal as much to me).
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Atgreed, I pretty much said exactly the same a while back... This would be a great addition, specialyl considering how you can tweak and add up auras, just like we did in D2...

Anyone else interested in this? It sounds great...
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It sounds really good to me as well since playing co-op is more of what I play.
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We have max of 4 players right? It would be sweet if we could have 2 players and 2 followers in game at the very least
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Because it's activision blizzard now. Instead of working in finance or accounting, they are now in game 'design'. Everything that once made sense and was fun has now been changed. See crafting, the story line, and loot system.
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If the player base makes enough of a fuss about something chances are we might see things change, Look at what happened to inferno, legendary items, and class balance, most of these things came from player suggestions and outcry.

If you want to see followers become meaningful in this game go support this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794322893?page=1#0

The bit of followers is as follows


Lets face it followers are fairly lackluster in many fronts so we aim to remedy that as a whole. They have a good niche role for utility, but their usefulness ends their unfortunately. This portion attempt to expand the followers into more meaningful tools.

First and foremost, rework the system of how follower stats are calculated to have them scale from their gear the same way a player does. The purpose of this becomes more important with a following idea.

Next make your follower capable of joining you in coop games after completion of normal mode. While this may seem trivial it's impact would be welcomed by most of the community. The biggest change this would have is on the group dynamic, if the group is missing a tank now they have the option to use the templar to fill that roll. If the group is melee heavy and lacks ranged damage, they can now have their followers support them. The followers provide excellent supplementary roles as they stand and could be invaluable assets to group play if properly implemented.

The above point would need to be balanced so you could not stack the followers passives for say a chance at 12% crit chance or attack speed.

This portion ties heavily into the paragon system as an added bonus to grinding out those hellish levels.

-At level 60 your follower would gain paragon levels with you, they would no longer auto level and would have to be ground out with your character. They would not be able to out level you in paragon, but would require 1/4th-1/10th the exp to level up.

-At paragon level 25 they would unlock more gear options, along the lines of Chest armor, pants, and boots.

-At level 50 You would now be able to have 2 of your followers join you in a single player game. Your followers would unlock gloves, helms, belts, and bracers.

-At 75 This would also allow 3 followers into your single player game.

-At level 100 Followers would unlock their full potential with a 2 page skill book that would be assigned similar to a players along with a final powerful ability with a 2min CD , They would also gain a small inventory, 4x8 in size.

Some Misc changes.

-The gibbering gemstone when held in your inventory would make the followers as chatty as before 1.0.4
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+1 this idea. I Enjoy multi player much more and to be honest i would rather have one of my followers than some of the people normally in the group lol!.

I think what they want to try to avoid is 4 people with 4 Scoundrals w/wind forces or some silly thing. I think they could care less about the magic find and other bonus skills, but the weapons with skills on them could make things get silly.
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Whatever blizzard decided on not giving us the opportunity to play follower in a mult
I mostly likely had to do with server issue since can u imagine 4 players with 4 follower with all those attack skill graphic would overload the battle net server so it has to do with cost issue not play issue. It would make sense for us to use followers in a multi game since isn't it the original concept in solo not being able to play in multi baffles me isn't the story about the players and followers are part of the story so for being able not to play in the multi game it has to do more with cost cutting than for the players to have what the story demands and that is the original concepts of the game, giving what the players deserved the chance to be part of the story when playing d3.
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