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DBoy Helping Barbs Gear For New and End Game.

Hey Dboy, thanks for being a great community member. I just recently saved up 200m and ended up with the gear I have on my profile and I have 50m left over. I was wondering what you can see that sticks out that I need to change for that budget. Thanks!
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DBoy helped me gearing my female barb on a 600m budget (HotA). Changed a couple of pieces since then, but with complete control over what to do and change. Can only thank him for being such a honest, efficient and helpful guy. Took him around 2 or 3 days to finish it, it was all really fast and well discussed/explained.

Can only reccomend DBoy187 to whoever needs help with gearing barbs. Completely satisfied with the final result.

Any questions about his awesome service, feel free to ask.
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I think it's telling how good of a person and service Dboy provides when SantaDeath provides a never-ending stream of unsolicited bumps!
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Thanks Nilou, also I got that screenshot for you just gotta wait till I get off work if I can remember to send it. Also check out Dakkons thread where he did Mp10 ubers with his hota build its pretty amazing.

Haha SantaDeath was one of the first I helped gear so long ago and hes really came along way from then. Crazy thing is I never ask him to bump my threads hes just a really cool guy. Ive met so many cool people doing this its really made my gaming experience alot better knowing I always have someone to play or do ubers with.

Acrinomy you will be back soon I know it! Lol you was to good of a player just to drop the game like that.
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Well morning to U to Acrinomy!! lol

Hey everyone come get your gear check done and receive...absolutely free!!...cold weather gear for your barb!!! tis the season just ask for availability!! =]

And Acrinomy....get your !@# back here!! Don't let some douche canoes win the argument buy using the (obviously broken) system and getting U to quit! I have never seen U cave in to or give up on a fight before.....so is this the first?? This forum and game needs people like U m8!
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gear check please?

I am currently shopping for a EF mainhand. i put a bid on a sweet 12k dps one... i hope it win it!
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great thread dboy and trinxified my thinkin of changin my game play to WW and im clue less on this subject. when you have the time plz help with set up
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@DBoy & @Santa -- I never quit because of someone's malicious attempts to discredit me. I quit because of school. I am doing perfectly fine, but I just needed to re-focus and allow myself some space from a game that was taking up too much of my valuable time. Uberjager is welcome to continue defaming me, but I think the majority know that he's an extremely insecure and petty child. I have become more amused the longer this drags on because of how much content he writes is ripped from my own posts and other players like Lorenze, Keik, GoldenAxe, etc.

Edit: I'm more or less surprised someone's attacking my build for being 'inefficient' when I had hit more breakpoints with my gear. Sad, puerile, pathetic, etc.
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Glad to hear it was your choice m8
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Hi Dboy,

I need your help to upgrade few of my gears. Budget around 100mil. Might looking into good lacuni bracer or ais ring. I am on Asia timezone GMT+8.

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Hello. Can you help me out with my gearing please?

I'm currently at 185k DPS unbuffed, would like to break 200k without losing resists/life. What do you think would be the cheapest way for me to do that?

I know my pants are bad right now. I'm working on getting a new pair, with 150+ STR and VIT and 2 open sockets.

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/npZONE-1455/hero/5039484

Also, do you think I should get rid of the IK 5 piece? I like it for farming, personally, since I farm at MP1, but with PvP coming up and all...
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Same here -- I moved to cold damage build so i would LIKE to keep the ammy and SoJ as they work well together. is it POSSIBLE to keep these and hit about 150k DPS, 24MS, >2.5AS? about 100m budget...
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Another formal vouch for Dboy and Trix. I've officially linked my page here. Anyone under 500m who wants a gearing from me should go to them as I need/want to spend most of my time doing other things. I would never recommend my customers go to anyone else but these folks in my absence.

Edit: also about the meta-game post by acrimony, I'm sorry I misunderstood it was a praise instead of a flame. Very difficult to understand, but I do now.
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Cc: DBoy

If you’re looking to gear your Barbarian with the best stats for your money … you’re at the right place.

I’ve geared through Rezic and now DBoy. While Rezic did a fantastic job … (got me exactly what I asked for and I couldn’t have been happier) … I knew more or less, what I wanted.

DBoy, however took massive amounts of his time to make sure that I got exactly what I needed to switch over to a WW build that can easily switch from Shielded to DW … including some tutoring because I was clueless. The stat requirements and skills are of course, completely different.

Had I tried to this build on my own … I would have thrown away a LOT of $$$. Now … thanks to DBoy … I’ve got a build I can be proud of:

(Has not updated at the time of this post)

Thank You DBoy ... you're the best!
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Hi Dboy,

Just looking for a little advice. I've gotten to the point where I'm not sure which piece of gear needs to upgraded next. I know my hellfire ring needs improvement since it doesn't have CD or IAS. I know my Lacuni's need some CC. Offhand needs a little work too!

What should be my priority? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi Dboy, its me again. man, this upgrade stuff is making my head explode. i have around 200m for upgrade atm and i need you expert advise on what part of the gear(s) needs improvement to let me break 200k dps(buff only by passives).

thanks in advance
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hi dboy what are your consult fees?
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Hey DBoy, I have been following some of your posts for a little while. First, thanks for your input on the forums. I am pretty new to the Barb class and your posts have some good info. I am looking for some help upgrading my Barb. I am really trying to upgrade my DPS and life but am having trouble finding good upgrades. I have a budget of around 500M and am trying to stick with the hybrid WW/HOTA build. Let me know if you are interested in helping me upgrade.
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