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DBoy Helping Barbs Gear For New and End Game.

Can't log into D3 for another 4 hours or so (at work). If you have any suggestions for myself right now it would be appreciated. Budget is roughly 200mill.
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want a great ww barb with more ehp and dps for 1.0.5 mp10. 700mil budget. :\
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Wookie and Cdhf, if you guys could add me I can try and help you out Asap. Thanks!
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Hey dboy, I just added you. I haven't played in a few months but am looking for a frenzy set for about 20mill.

Let me know if you can make it work!
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Dual Weapon and Sword and board Frenzy was the build I started with and played the first 3 months the game was released with this spec. That and the Double Tornado build is the 2 builds I feel I am very experienced in making great sets with. I have tried just about all of the builds you can thank of plus more but actually farming thousands of elites with them and just knowing the build is 2 different things entirely, so I know exactly what will work and wont work. With 20 mill and it being frenzy I can deffinetly build you a set you can complete the game with quite easily. Alot of people get the frenzy builds and Ww builds confused in which gear to buy for the sets.
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WW barb

200m budget.

Atm, I'm thinking going IK belt, then Ice Climbers and Lacunis (to make up movement speed). That seem possible for 200m?

Or should I look for better weapons first?
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DBoy, is DW still viable for 1.05 in your opinion and if so how much would a really decent setup cost? i just don't like ww. thnx
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Any advice on what to change on my gear setup? I am trying to get better weapons but high dps weapons that fit my criteria of having LS and a socket and CD are hard to find.
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Hey Dboy. I sent you a friend request (Ryanseacrest#1940)
Looking to upgrade my barb for 1.05. 30 mill budget.

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I could use some help gearing up my rend barb a bit more. Eventually Id like to change over to Sword and Board rend. But for now 2h seems to be getting it done.

Any advice to help me improve?
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Hey Dboy,
I would like to gear my barbarian. I have a 87 or so million budget right now. I have beaten inferno before as a WW barb but curious if 1.0.5 is changing WW is changing it too much? I have tried throwing barbs and also frenzy/revenge barbs in the past too.

I added you ingame and hope to catch you online soon.
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Hey if your needing a build I just want to let you guys know the time I get online I feel like im missing alot of you due to not being on at the same times. i usually am online from 4pm - 8pm central Us time zone on the weekdays and on till about 1pm till 12 am during the weekends.
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I need a critique on my current equipment set up. I just switched out some stuff that brought my resists down to around 800 from 1100, in favor of reduced damage and +block, which seemed to be pretty effective. I need to be able to run act3 more efficiently than I currently am, so I guess damage is where I am falling short. As of now my budget is only about 5 million. Don't have many preferences on build. Go nuts, critique me, help me out!
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@EasyE, I would change every piece. I can see your going a complete tank build and you have really low dps. I never did like to go the tanky route its to hard to farm, you need to get some crit chance on your shield and helm. If you want my advice I could get you around 40-50k dps with 5 mill but youd deffinetly be far from a tank and probaly alot different than your used to playing but atleast youd be able to farm better.
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hey bud i added you to ask for some gearing advice as well!
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Add me in game Impaler#1220
I'm looking for a WW build improvements. 100 mil budget. I already have decent items. Need advice on which pieces to upgrade first.
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Friend invite incoming!!!

Dboy just seen your thread. can you help me out? I've got a 95M budget. Okay so I created this barb just shortly after the IAS nerf. Up until then I was rocking a WD. I decided to build a barb but hit a wall with him. I created a monk and presently am still playing him.The monk just seemed like the easiest class to play with at the time and I was just looking to progress through all of inferno. I had some fun with a throw barb about a week ago and decided that I would try her out again cause I liked it before. I fell right back into the WW spec and am ready to spend some coin on her. I'm really just interested in getting some good feedback on my present gear and spec. What would be the biggest upgrades other than jewelry and a good OH right now that you can see would be a good investment for me to make? I'm really trying to get over 100k unbuffed dps. Do these weapons seem decent enough to just focus on better jewelry? Do you think that 10% LS with my passive is a little too much? I appreciate any thoughts or comments so please leave me something!!!
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Hi Dboy,

How do you think I can upgrade my Barb with a 10mil budget while maintaining some MF (around current level) and my movement speed so I can farm 1.0.5 at MP5 or 6 efficiently. Right now I can farm pretty ok in 1.0.4 Act 3 but feel a bit squishy at times with low hp.
Hoping to improve my DPS as well.

Sending you a friend request. Thanks.
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I am looking to upgrade my dps to 100k+ without going lower than 50k hp and 450ish AR. I have a budget of roughly 50mil, and would like some advices. Thanks.
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Hey Dboy, I would love to hear your thoughts regarding my gear. I am looking to upgrade by dps while maintaining my survivability. I have a very small budget atm of only 7mil, so even guidelines I could follow would be much appreciate!
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