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DBoy Helping Barbs Gear For New and End Game.

Vouch Dboy,
Used about a 90m and upgraded my barb another 30k dps and kept a good amount of defense. Very grateful and would recommend him to anyone.

EDIT: For anyone wanting to know. The Andy helm, pants, and chest were pieces I had before I went to Dboy. He replaced all the other parts for about 90 million. By the way those three items, chest.helm.pants, only cost me like 5million total(including gem prices). So from this we can conclude that my gearset cost about 95million to make.

EDIT#2: My gear stats are with an enchantress follower giving me 15% armor and 3% attack speed. So really my unbuffed armor is about 6450 and my damage is around 87k without battle rage or wrath of the berserker. I also have 43k life and nearly 500 all resist unbuffed. Don't forget my paragon level is 57 which is giving me a chunk more stats.

Final thought is that Dboy knows what he is doing and I would definitely use him again.

EDIT#3: I got a helm and pants today as well as switched out vit gems for str gems. New dps is 92.6k with 7187 armor, ~500 all res, and 42.6k life all unbuffed without a follower. These new pieces of gear cost me like 6 million or so. Woot.
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Thanks xolumus, just remember to try and get your crit chance as high as possible mempo is a great helm buy losing crit chance there can hurt your fury regain especially in 1.05. Also you could use overpower killing spree for the added 10% crit chance as well.
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Awesome thread DBoy!

Too bad I don't have a barb made yet but will begin working on tonight after work. Hopefully I can get him to 60 before 1.05 hits, depending on when that hits, or you're too busy. Trying to be 60 by the weekend

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i can vouch for Dboy
gave him all of my set that was 50k dps before and a budget of 40m, made my dps to 80k.
you'll never have to doubt this guy.
now with his advice im getting better at upgrading my barb.

dont worry guys he'll get to you ~
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DBoy187, added you yesterday and you added me back... you had asked me about MF in my helm and then I didn't hear anything from you before you logged off. Just wanted to make sure I'm still on your waiting list on what my WW barb can do to keep the fun going through the 1.0.5 patch.
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What are your thoughts on a nice Open Socket Sever for your 1h Main Hand weapon?

The Rest in Pieces proc causes a crit every death that deals Millions of damage and life steal % works off of this million damage proc.

Would you suggest it over a rare or other 1h weapon?\

Also- Any tips for my barb/gearing?
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can you post a link to your frenzy set pls. i would like to see what im missing. in terms of gear to hit those numbers. also have have figured out how to add frenzy into theasiangamer.coms dps sheet as well so if you wanna know ask:) 464k dps buffed without wotb
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Hey Dboy, once you're done with the others, could you help me take a look at my set-up? It's in a very pathetic state, unfortunately, and I only have ard 60mil to work around. Thanks for the help in advance!
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JMT, just send me a message as soon as you see me online somtimes I forget who still needs help on my list.

Anyone who hasnt had help from me yet and has me addrd message me anytime It doesnt bother me rven if im busy I should let you know when I can get to you and even then dont hesitate to message me again if I take a few days to get to you I want to get everyone help who needs it.

Polno, my frenzy setup should be in one of the threads I linked, there you should find a very detailed guide all about the setup.

CrimsonGrimm, send me a friend request is the only way ill be able to get to youonce ive added you then just message me until you get the help you need. Like I said it doesnt bother me if somone repeatedly messages me every hour or so If they need the help and I havent responded yet. I get so busy and somtimes forget.

Ive decided to team up with Acrinomy on the gear builds just so everyone knows, each set we make that is the budget listed on our other thread will be revised by both of us together so you will be getting the bes possible setup for your gold. This is why we charge on our builds, we spend alot of time reviewing every detail of the set to make sure its suitable for the client.

I will continue to help people here under the 100mill budgets for free, unless I really start getting busy with the paid services and I will have to put that my first priority. Thanks!
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I just wanna say that your guides are really helpful and I've learned a lot about how to gear my barb from them. Thanks to you my barb is now my favourite character!!

I also think that what you're doing is wonderful in this community and there really is no one like you (except maybe Ender and his apprentice, but they only do really high end builds). I wish you the best of luck and support you (moral support) all the way!

Keep doing what you.
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I would like to ask how to prepare for 1.0.5 MP levels (.4/4 parties )

Build : Tank co-op
Budget :100M


Thank you very much.
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I stopped playing for some time. I am wondering what to upgrade... I have 200 mill budget.
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might want a little help once the patch hits
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did not see a link to your 250k unbuffed frenzy dps gear on any pages. im at 92k unbuffed already so i would like to see the difference in stats between me and you not a budget build. i have been telling ppl same stuff since game came out:) but meh no one listened. but if you could log out in your frenzy gear sometime i would like to see that gear. thanks polno. obviously you can check my profile. thanks again. also maybe you can clarify what you mean by unbuffed dps cause your current profile says 132k.
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Ohh, I thought you was asking the skill build I used not the gear I used. My gear is exactly the same as anything else just with my frenzy setup I use 2 different weapons and go all Dps skills. Instead of using battle rage into the fray I use the one that increases by 30% also frenzy maniac and berserker rage passive fully buffed 260k Dps without Wotb, when I use wotb insanity it puts me at 602k dps fully buffed. Its pretty insane this is the only way I will play frenzy is just to go straight dps.
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60m budget looking for any advice.
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If you Check out my gear and build At this moment is what I use when Im playing with the frenzy build. 260k dps unbuffed without wrath, 602k with wotb insanity fully buffed.

Basicaly you just leap in Ignore pain, destroy everything charge out and repeat. Somtimes I use berserker rage instead of bloodthirst since all my skills are none fury based. Using only globes and charge to heal. When you have such high dps you kill stuff before it has a chance to do any real dmg to you.

When 1.05 gets here Im probaly gonna aim for 5-6% Ls since im gonna need a little more sustain for the higher health elites. I messed with it a little on Mp10 and had to kite quite a bit and almost usless when Ignore pair on Leap is down. So deffinetly got to do a little more research to figure out the perfect setup, I know my gear isnt the greatest atm and deffinetly not good enough to effectively do Mp10, Im kind of a tight wad when It comes to spending big bucks for Bis items. Guess thats why Ive always been good at getting the best items for the cheapest prices.

Anyways I dont play the frenzy build as much as I do the Ww setup so my gear and skills will be changed in the morning.
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ahh ok. ppl always laughed and said my weps were crap but hey everytime i plugged em into my dps calc, they always came out on top of items with crap stats and high dps. wish i could find em with that much crit damage, lifesteal, and 250+ str with 1k or more dps and a socket we would be gods:). my advice to the rest of you on here use the calculators when looking at gear. if your a tank build ( god knows why but play whats fun) use a good ehp calulator, if you wanna dps i highly recommend theasiangamer.com. i have struggled thru game playing with what i know. it comes down to breakpoints. i dont know exactly what they are but when you hit them ie, armor, resists, damage and so on you can feel the game go differently. and for the few frenzy barbs still out there ls rocks. once you hit 60 70k unbuffed dps you will start out shining loh. i wont help to gear you guys. db is doing that:) and kudos to you for doing it man.
and just so you knows your real dps with 5stacks of frenzy and no wrath is 602k with wrath it goes ungodly to 1347k. nice. anyone who wants to know its easy for frenzy. if you wanna know how i come to to that frenzy dps i can show you just ask. if you added berserker back in it jumps another 10%
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Yeah, if you want to max your Dps deffinetly get as much crit as you can on weapons as well as a socket. Ive used a dps calculator to see if a 1100 dps mace with no base crit and a socket and I had a 880 axe with 99% crit str and a socket added tons more dps than it did. So you deffinetly should use a dps calculator when comparing those type of items. As for some situations I can just estimate the added dps pretty well if they are simular in stats.

I will deffinetly be experimenting with the Frenzy build alot more when 1.05 hits, but will probaly always use Ww as my main skill build, theres nothing like it when It comes to farming efficiently.
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