Diablo® III

DBoy Helping Barbs Gear For New and End Game.

Hello Dboy I request your service my barb build is a 2H atm my dps is ok but my life is the real concern when I switched out mempho and my pants with VIT on them and my life dropped down to the 3.7kish area which I want to be maybe 4K+ I won't really be able to be on till monday but my budget will prolly be in the 200ish millions and I am willing to tip in the millions for your work.
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I have no words to describe this guy "DBoy" for gearing my barb. Paragon level 8 tearing through act 3 MP 3. Build my barb from the ground up in less than 4 hours.

Did a run with him on MP4 Oasis hunting keys, he was using my set with out all the gems, meaning bare gear! No Emerald on weapons and Rubies on armor and pants. He was tearing mobs even elite and keywarden.

To DBoy, I'm very thankful for the time and hard work gearing my barb plus the tips on how to play WW.

PS.. From the time you gave me the set have hunted and created 2 Infernal machine already.
Will make more and do an Uber run with you and the gang.
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Hey guys very interested in your service please check my barb out and let me know :) or this thread..

Thank u!
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Just a quick question before I bother you ingame, I'm after a WW set good enough to Farm Act3 MP4/5 will that be doable on a 200M budget?
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Hey DBoy i got a budget of about 100 mil and i would like to make a sword and shield barb with over 100k dps unbuff while still being able to farm mp 8+. think you can help?
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Hi Dboy,let me say first than this is a great initiative to help people out. God bless you. I got a 200m budget and i would like to get over 100-120k dps if possible. Price r so high im not sure what to buy. If u could give a hand it would be much appreciated.
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Helpin poor barbs ouy since 2012!!!
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Eukos, You should deffinetly be able to farm those mp lvls with 200 mill

Rain and voork, ive got you guys added should be online today later on.

Chrono Ill have to check your gear when I get time

I should have a spot open today for anyone needing a gear set built, just add me in game and state budget and type of playstyle. Thanks!
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Dboy can you meet up with me in game? Oh You already added me, I will try to find you later when you are on. I only have 16M to my name. I really love the WW playstyle. I am not sure if that is possible with my limited money. I would do SnB if thats all that I am limited to.
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Hello DBoy!

I was wondering if it's possible to build a decent WW barb from scratch with a 100(ish)m budget for lower MPs (4-5) (I tried your thread with Acrimony but I saw you were posting here :p).

I'm asking this here in the forums because I cannot login atm since I'm waiting for a new GFX card (old one died) to arrive so I can't add you in game yet.

By friday I should get my PC running again and I would really appreciate your help!!!

Since my HC WW Barb died back in July I quit the game. Coming back for the new patch and I want to enjoy every bit of it ;D

Thanks in advance and keep the good work!!

PS: Do you gear SnB WW builds as well?
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U can learn alot from "D boy"
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No sure what to do next lol. got budget of 30m atm... Help and advice is greatly appreciated.
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Keep hitin him up folks!!

He is the man when it come to all shapes and sizes of builds
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Got a 2 Spots open for anyone who needs a set done tonight.
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Changed title of thread, have some spots open if anyone needs some help.
Add me or Email me at DBoyDiablo@yahoo.com
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hitum up guys!!
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Hi DBoy.
I have a 45m budget.
Actually I can farm MP3. Ranged packs with molten demands some skill (angled WW), etc...
Just wondering If you can improve my character with this poor budget I have.

I'm a DW WW.
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Hey, followed your old thread and geared myself for very cheap actually thank you! but now I need more advice on what I should upgrade next. my budget is 10-20mil thank you any build as I am new to barbarians
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