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DBoy Helping Barbs Gear For New and End Game.

Hi dboy. I'm one of the guys who really look at all your threads and follow your advices. You can see thru my profile. Can u please add me and give some advices in order for my barb to become more beastly as yours. Add me macespejo#1769. I'm online tonight. I'm gonna send you request and I hope you will add me pretty soon. Thanks man
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Dboy just build be a barb super happy with the result and he is a really friendly guy to deal with!!
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Sent you a friend request in game... I have about 50M to upgrade, and I really was just looking for an experienced point of view as to where I should focus the money to get the most bang for my buck. Depending when my profile updates it could be off. I am a pretty good shopper myself and feel like I can find good deals, but just lacking in overall experience in high end gearing. If you friend me I will link you my alternate pieces that I swap in for ubers and co-op survivability where I need more vit/AR.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to talk to you in game!
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Hey, if anyone needs help and has added me please feel free to message me at any time. If im not busy I will be able to get to you, some people add me and then never talk or message me what they need and I am havin to free up space and remove people who may have needed help and didnt get it. Thanks!
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Hello Dboy,

I was just curious about your opinion on Stone of Jordan and it's place in a WW build for middling MP levels (5,6,7). When I inspect the profiles of top barbs on Diablo Progress it seems they are lucky to get 6-9% of their DMG from really good rings, when a lowly SoJ for a few mill can give up to 28-30% to elites. For lower budget geared barbs like myself it seems like even more of a no brainer given that jewelry is extremely expensive.
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Stone of Jordan Is a very nice ring, and Id recommend getting one for farming elites and leveling exp. it still works well even in the higher Mp Levels. Try to get one with high Elite dmg and whirl wind crit chance if your a ww barb, I wouldnt even worry about the cold damage to much but its an nice little extra to have if you can afford it. It will increase your dmg to elites higher than almost any ring but if you want to go with overall damage output go with a trifecta or crit, ias ring.
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Hi Dboy, i already sent you a friend request, i need some help with my dual ww but only have a 30m budget, would be awsome if you could help me a bit, thanks
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@Pariah, Sorry I havent been able to help you yet. With that budget it will be hard to work with, you will need to get some amazing deals to get a decent set. I will be online tommorow and I can maybe point you in the right direction to either start working on your core defensives or go the Dps route, you wont be able to balance them out until you have more gold to work with. At this stage It is best just to get enough defenses to survive on the lower Mp levels and focus on all dps and farming efficiency so you can work towards finding that winning lottery ticket.
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Sup fellow Barbs! Sorry for offtopic.

I recently found a dagger, i cannot put a proper price to it.
659 dps, 7% ias, 100% crit damage, 2.60 lifesteal, open socket.

Id leave it for myself, but I play 2h. What do you think this dagger would cost?
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Hi DBoy. I'm in desperate need of some help with upgrading or even sidegrading my gear. I have a 30m budget to work with, as well as the option of 2h, as I have a 350str + 199%CD Skorn. Gems are taken care of, as is chest and a ring. I also have an OS 23% bonus vs demons Sever, as my farming route is similar to alkiezers.

I'd like your opinion on which build (WW with mighty weapon, 2h, weapon throw, ww with axe, SnB) would be the most viable for farming MP0-2 with the option of doing MP 4-5 ubers with my budget and current gear. I'd like to retain as much MF as I can, if at all possible. Currently using WW with axe, and finding I'm lacking LS and fury gen.

Will happily tip if you can find a solution.
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Hi DBoy it would be great if you could help me with my barb :D added you
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Let dboy spend your gold! When I finally found something worth selling, I gave him my 200 million and couldn't be happier. I got to a point with the gear upgrades where it was giving me a headache. He sorted me out. My profile hasn't updated yet but I jumped from 78k dps, to 100k+ (with lower dps weapons), 37k life to 48, and from grinding through mp3 to breezing through mp5. I also got a major boost in lifesteal and regen. He was great to work with as well.
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@Aleas, you will have to search for lower stats if you cant find one simular, had great stats I would price it above 20mill atleast.

@Jester, you will have to add me in game so I can properly go over your gear and view your stats. I would suggest going with Ww with axe or mace in Mh with just 30mill.

@thejericho, havent seen you online yet hopefuly I can help you by the weekend.

@sathal, that is great your able to farm Mp5, mp5-6 is imo the most efficient to farm for items lower mp2-3 are better for exp. also you wanted a Frenzy set I added the extra Ias and Life steal so you could easily transition over to Ww spec if you wanted to be able to farm more eficient. Just look up and change over to the Ww skill set and your good to go!
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I done some gearing myself I was wondering how well I did it can you give
Me advice after the profile is updated? :) thanks
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@thejericho, Not to bad at all, Vitality is a bit low but everything else looks great, Also 3% Ls is a bit low but I like what you did with the echoing to boost your Aps up so you could skip ias on gloves to get better stats And Ar. I think you desperately need an Ik chest with more vitality that will fix your vitality for sure.
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Can you have a look at my build and give me some suggestions? Thanks.
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DBoy, I need advice. Please have a look on my profile (the dps is higher because I log out with battlerage & follower), I'm having headache on how to improve my character on increase my damage (DPS) without sacrificing too much on my EHP. Also the estimate gold needed for the upgrade of gears if I need you to help me on those gears ?
Please advice.
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Just finished a 100 Mill WW Set, I will be updating my guides and posting screenshots of sets ive made when I have time. If anyone request anything please let me know! Thanks!

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Dboy, I'm thinking my next best upgrade will be getting an Amulet with Crit and Crit Damage. Do you think that is true also? Other possibilities are selling my IK Chest for 2p Blackthron or going for 3p IK via a good glove.
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