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Why do you say I need hundreds of millions for gear? i can farm mp3 easily and i have spent less than 10 mil on my build.
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Its just a very rough estimate and I want to build extremely effective sets, low deaths, no problems, max movespeed, 30 minute runs. The way prices are dropping I wouldnt be surprised if you can put together a 5 mill set to farm Mp3. Also I aim high so just incase the person I gear may be less experienced than you, it will be a better possibility he will be able to farm the Mp Lvl I listed.

With you being able to efficiently farm Mp3 with that gear set tells me you must be a very skilled player, skill always out weighs gear. Another less experienced player can throw on your exact gear set and not be able to survive more than 5 minutes in Mp3.

Just like you see all these players going Full Dps sets they are very skilled at what they do, so they dont need as much Ehp to survive. So you can pretty much skip the ehp and build a set with 3X as much Dps for 3X cheaper than a balanced set and still be able to survive just as well.

I always ask and usually do a quick run with each player I gear just so I can get an understanding of thier playstyle. That way I can properly gear each player to thier perspective. The very first thing I ask is do you want a Full Dps set or more Survivability/Balanced. This explains why some of the sets you see that Ive built for the exact same amount, one may have 150kDps, 350-400 Ar, 40k Hp and another set may have 100kDps, 550-600Ar and 50+ Hp. It all depends on the players experience and playstyle.
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I just got a better look at your gear, and Btw max Movespeed you can recieve from your gear is 25% so you can deffinetly get rid of those 40str/40vit boots for a much better pair without movespeed. Also 25k Hp is very low, your 2 best spots to increase your health pool has 0 Vitality this is Chest/Pants. Again I say you must be an extremely skilled player, Im very curious to see how you are effectively farming Mp3 with those stats. Also do you have many deaths? If so then that is cutting into your farming efficiency greatly.

Also I like how you stack physical resist alot of people dont understand that almost every minion in the game can hit you with physical damage.
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Ive got a 5 day weekend coming up if anyone needs a gear set made, Im gonna try and open up about 5-6 slots from now till Monday of next week. So I will have plenty of free time on my hands to work on the sets. Just add me in game with a description of the build or email me at DBoYDiablo@Yahoo.CoM
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Guys .... Thanks ... I finally "Get It".

CC & CD - on weapons with sockets
DBoy - rings - now i can understand what Attack Spped counts towards and what CC and All Resist can achieve.

Thanks for the right direction.

DBoy187 - How much my budget should be to avail your services ? I need to "play" MP10.
(Also - do sell all my current geat - the worthless ones)

Thanks again.
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P.S. - I have changed one ring and one sword ... its not showing up on public profile yet.
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11/19/2012 06:52 AMPosted by Uriel
Why do you say I need hundreds of millions for gear? i can farm mp3 easily and i have spent less than 10 mil on my build.

Dboy, geared me a month back just so i can XP/item farm mp5 or key farm mp7 but i came to a point that i need to challenge myself. did some upgrades by myself using his guide and guess what, my sweet spot now is mp8 doing a short but efficient run(keeps 2/3, Tower 1, Rakkis, fields) since this is where high density of mobs are located.

in brief, you don't want to farm mp3 forever right, logically if you want to run mp8-10 uber or XP/item, then one has to invest on upgrading one's gear which will run into millions if not billions.

ok now, challenge yourself and run your set-up in MP5-6 and how far it goes.
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Dboy, do you mind if I tag along with you on this thread instead? (seeing as acrimony is leaving)

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Sure Trinx, what is your email so we can communicate outside of the game and forums? If you can email me at DBoyDiablo@yahoo.com
Currently this is the best way to contact me because of work and real life situations. Ive tried to msg you a few times but it seems we are never online during the same time frame, but this is not a bad thing means we can help others around the clock.
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Can I please get a gear check :D <3
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Hi DBoy & Trinxified!

I've scoured the forums for info about barb gearing, and the effort and time you guys (and others like acrimony/ender/rezic) have put to advise and share with the community was really awesome! :)

Actually considered signing up for the services you guys provide chiefly because I'm personally very comfortable with your gearing philosophy and views on high MS, but ultimately I enjoy the fun of learning and gearing up myself even though it might cost more due to learning mistakes :D

Would appreciate it if you guys could have a quick look at my barb and point out anything that you feel looks out of place or is in dire need of changing.


Aimed for these minimums when gearing up (with passive buffs only):
24% MS / 2000 str / 40k hp / 600 res all / 6k armor / 5.8% LS / 38% CC / 400% CD

I'm thinking the next step would be more hp (45 to 50k hp would be nice!) and the never ending move to increase dps while maintaining EHP/survivability. Paragon level increases would help, but I'd like to have your thoughts on what I should plan/aim for in the gearing front to get a balanced set of gear and stats.

Was thinking a faster offhand, but I'm kinda unsure how to proceed when it comes to weapons. I know the general stuff (1.4 to 1.5 speed with 600 dps minimum with CD + socket + LS + STR) but competition for swords and daggers that fit that criteria seems pretty fierce, especially when it comes to 3% LS and higher CD amount e.g. 80-90% and above. Considering the prices for weapons in the AH at the moment I'm a bit wary of unwittingly overpaying by a huge sum due to inexperience, so I've tried to go for conservative/safe options to start with.

Considered an Echoing Fury for either MH or OH, but from what I've read about it:
MH: Will then boost OH speed by a nice amount, but the fear proc becomes a bit of an issue and a cold SoJ is the only workaround for that.

OH: Means an OH weapon speed of 1.4 to 1.45 at best (I've read 1.5 speed or better for OH gives a lot more bang for RLTW tornadoes). Also means max 50% CD or sacrificing OH LS or a socket since EF can't roll high CD + LS + socket. Not to mention a "good" OH EF will cost a *lot* of gold, i.e. someone at my gear level might be better off spending the gold in a more balanced fashion across multiple gear slots.

For Helms I've considered Andariel's Visage, but wasn't sure if my present gear level makes that a "safe" choice defensively.

Please feel free to comment and critique, I'd like to learn!

Thankssssss :D
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@Minori, youve done a very good job so far your gear looks awesome. Just stick with that untill you can afford to upgrade to bigger pieces. Your chest can be replaced with an Ik chest with 200+ vitality. Boots Iceclimbers with Ms. On your amulet make sure to get more Avg dmg 22-58. Weapons look nice i really like the offhand. Shoulders your sacrificing a little more stats just for the vile ward, 200str/120vit is the kinda viles you want but are quite expensive if you cant get those get rares with 200str/150Vit and Ar of course but honestly they are fine for now. Your Ar is great you could actually probaly get some blackthorns pants with 250vit and % life these are huge for boosting ehp and not to expensive without the Ar or sockets. Helm is fine.

Honestly If I were you id almost keep everything just how it is and just focus on upgrading 1Bis at a time you did a great job allready. Now is the really fun part time to make 500+ mill for each upgrade =)
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Dboy... thought it would be best to post here...

i've made some upgrades... mind giving me a critique?

FYI, I have better bracers (5.5 cc, 40AR, 80ish str 150 vit but no 12% ms).

Have around 105K DPS (unbuffed).

Recently got the gloves and pants.

What should I upgrade next? Should I move to getting 1 BIS? or slowly upgrade to bump my DPS up. OR go the boring route and buy str gems :)
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Thanks a bunch for the feedback, DBoy! :D

Alright, will stick with this gear and work towards the BiS stuff! :D
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Hi DBoy

It's my first time asking for gear advice and i thought it's best to post here. I'll be grateful for any comments/suggestions.

Thank you so much for your time in advance.

edit: I must have logged off having battle rage up. Unbuffed DPS should be around 170k.
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Goin to be finishin up a set today so will have some spots open.
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I've got 400M burning a hole in my pocket ... want to take my SnB up a notch or three ... got time to help me out?

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Thanks for the service and all the tips you gave/give me!

Services recommended.
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Important Update: I am now working with Trinxified in the services. He has been doing an amazing job with helping the service and has made some very nice sets. We will be working on sets together in the future. So now on you can add either Me or Trinxified#1614
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