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FIX the Witch Doctor above you! (Continued)


Damage and Health are looking pretty good.

1. Add Critical Damage to Amulet and Rings.
2. Add All Resist to a few pieces, like boots, pants, belt, wrist, chest, shoulders.
Any one want to tell me what I will need for Act 3? I plan on adding all resist to my shoulders, as well as new chest and rings... Have 12 mill available.
1) Well, Dude, i'd say, change you Mojo, you could, get more damage with Mf and CC for cheap
unless you really want that 11% mf

2)Your left ring is bad, forget about this 17-32 dmg, i'd get an Int/vit/Res ring instead

3) your shoulders are worthless, you could get the same with 50 Ar+ for less than 1M

4) your belt, it's bad, you could get a better one for 1M or less, with at least 100 vita 100 int with the same Ar or more :S

5)and your wep :S i mean, look for something else, forget about the Crit Dmg% for now, you need to survive, your weap isnt worth 20k gold probably, try and get something else w/o the CD but with at least 1k dmg + int/vita for cheap
I know the Idea is to farm Act 3... for more lvl 63s, i started my Wd 3 weeks ago, and its the most powerful toon i had since i started d3, i could farm act 3 with like...10 M worth of gear on me.
i would die now and then, but...not that much, try to focus on survivability first, then, dmg...

try to get some more hp (maybe 40k) and some more resists, and try to stay at least at 30k dps

Your great is really quite good and there is not much to fix unless you want to go for all legendaries and sets.
The one thing you could fix though is your weapon. The int and vit and regen are great but if you want higher dps you should go for crit dmg with socket. You already have a decent crit chance and adding about 130% dmg from your weapon would mean the world for your dps.

From my experience, the zombie dogs dont die often enough to justify the Final Gift unless you're using Gruesome Feast as well, which you are not. Try switching to Leeching Beasts.

Thats all from me. Good luck and enjoy the game.

My WD: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sarien-2948/hero/12830141
my build
I love my pets and like that they are sandbags co-op games for the other players. Since dropping my shield they seem to die a little easier than before. Would like some advice on how best to maximize my build on a beer budget.

If you could boost your HP to around 60-70k but keep the same DPS and AR you should be able to use the Soundb build in Act 2 for faceroll. Act 3 faceroll you would need to boost your DPS to around 40k and your HP to 90k+
Still waiting for a review of mine please: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sarien-2948/hero/12830141
*whew* Okay here we go...

Awesome All-Resists. You could probably drop a bit of this to get more DPS however. I see you've opted for IAS instead of CC/CD. Have you considered using Spriit Barrage with Rush of Essence? Seems like a cool combination to use with high attack speed. Otherwise, solid gear/build.

You have decent All-Resists and Life. So you'd probably want to focus on getting more damage now. I feel your mojo might be holding you back a bit (in terms of damage, stats look great). As for the rest of your gear, you might be able to make a compromise and drop a bit of All-Resists/Vitality for more damage.

Awesome All-Resists, awesome damage, AWESOME AWESOME life. Your build's reminiscent of Soundb's 'burst' monster build, so that's pretty solid. I don't know how else to improve your gear tbh... More MF...?

Very good damage/life, which compensates for your not-too-high All-Resists (same as mine). I feel the mojo might need the most urgent attention (damage-wise). The rest of your gear seems decent; upgrade to better damage/survivability/etc etc. Build-wise; pretty solid. Given your already-decent survivability, you could probably drop Spirit Vessel for a more offense-oriented passive.
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Can't see your profile :[

I am from Eu servers, so just click on EU and you can see everything :)
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looks very good from what I can tell. from an amateurish point of view I'd recommend a 1hander with a socket with more damage, but I can see your weapon plays well into your dart build so...

good resists, i'd think with your regen and + max mana items you could drop spirit attunement?
Was wondering if someone could give me an alternate skill build base on my current items. Kind of bored of acid rain and toads. Seems like ive been using it forever.
09/27/2012 05:11 AMPosted by warfare
i'd think with your regen and + max mana items you could drop spirit attunement?

Yea i was thinking to drop that and use Pierce the Veil, but il use it until i get Zunimassa's Marrow that will give me bonus for 4 set, then i will replace legacy zunimassa and find some better ring, and stuff overall that will bust my dmg since mana reg will be pretty high.
Profile unavailable ^ :(

w/e its me that need help :D
I would appreciate some feedback :]

Awesome set gear and great unbuffed DPS. Great to see another WD out there using a high end 2hander, I find they are much cheaper and love the huge dmg. However you do have a lot of IAS gear and not a lot of crit gear. If you are finding you are running out of mana consistantly I would slow down your attack speed and focus on more crit gear. IAS is great when you have mad mana regen but I dont see any mana regen items on you, just a + mana on the helm. Drop that one VIT gem, stack up the INT!

Would love some feedback on my WD, still debating replacing mass confuse/garg with sacrifice and dogs again. So many gear/build choices!! Welcoming comments!
@userfriendly - Thanks for the input bud! I am saving for my Zuni Pox to gain the extra regen from the set bonus. I can fairly easily solo Inferno IV with my build, only really using mana for Zombie Charger. I find the IAS helps to offset my lower Hit Crit chance by increasing the amount of attacks, maybe I could be wrong.

What kind of resists should I have? Not really sure.
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