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FIX the Witch Doctor above you! (Continued)

@Necrolysis Find a socketed weapon. Crit chance on bracers is pretty much a must on bracers imo. A socketed helm with mana regen I would think to be a high priority also, and if you can afford it then get some crit on that as well. Get some crit chance and attack speed on the jewelry. Find some vit or life% to go on your int/resist shoulders. And overall just try and get more int/vit/resist. Your damage and life are a bit low, so I'd suggest using siphon soul harvest to get back life. Also healing journey or honoured guest for spirit walk depending on your life or mana needs.
Lol, I recently had 800 AR but dropped alot cause my dps was lacking so I picked up as much crit dmg/chance gear I could. Thanks for the reply, will look into better helm/pants/weapon.
Super jealous of your Thing of the Deep. All I can say about your build is you could use more AR.

Build/gear looks great, but would recommend more AR. Thanks for your suggestions btw.

Thanks. its actually a lower end one too.

you dont have a WD.
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@bicen - I've running between 550-600 right now and I can kill pretty quick, always looking for more though.
Requesting someone perv my account!

@bicen - I've running between 550-600 right now and I can kill pretty quick, always looking for more though.

More Vit and AR imo.
@ NgArclite Great stuff I can only suggest lookin to get more dps now without lowering your vitality.

Give me some critique!

Zunimassa Marrow is what you need for new power.

Solid set you got there, maybe aim for a crit chance lucani prowlers and int on the weapon
@prawns Very good dps and thorns but do your pets a favor and grab some vit/Life regen gear. It'll keep ya from having to re-summon a lot. Last breath or sky splitter would be a good upgrade.
@Abyzzle u need more crit dmg, all resist, mana regen. loH is good also.
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Hello Everyone, i got a question.
I am struggling whether to use Zunimassa Chest or Tal Rasha Chest plate. Any advice or suggestion ? if i use zunimassa, my dps will drop almost 5k but AR raise 71.
please rate my WD. appreciate it. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/MasterJames-1676/hero/26921273

Nice dps you have, i would suggest, get ms on the boots, socket in the helm (put a ruby for paragon levels), and your shoulders can include more affixes like life regen/life %. Getting all this should be quite cheap nowadays, but you've to sacrifice some dps and stats depending on your budget.

Since you're using thing of the deep, you can actually swap out blood ritual and use grave injustice instead. The mana and life regen from it is quite noticeable.
and me?

@ prawns

I'd get more int if I were you. Seems like your gear is all thrown together with very low int stats. Also drop the skill for pets. Overall not bad, lots of room for work.
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You are running Grave Injustice yet only have +7 radius. I'd look to add atleast another 7.
(the bracers seem the most likely spot to do so)

Good stuff overall though.

i looked at your build and saw you running JF and Healing Journey. I would swap your zombie dogs rune to life link, it seem like it would be more useful for you than a 15% chance to drop a healthglobe, if you are having survival issues still or just want more dmg reduction.

I would also try Lob Blob Bomb on Acid Cloud, 250% weapon dmg over 5 seconds is huge if you are using a 2H, and you can have 3 of them out for elites = 750% weapon dmg over 5 seconds.
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Very nice gear first off. Things I would focus on would be switching out your belt, bracers and gloves. For the belt if you can find or afford "The witching hour for the IAS increase and Crit Damage. The bracers just find a nice rare with 6% cc, high intelligence, and vit. Lastly for the Gloves find another rare with 10% cc, high int, ias and if you can find one with vit even better!

Solid setup. Few thoughts:
-Why umbral shock rune over severance?
-Also I'm finding that running primaries are weak... check my build if ya ever wanted to try something else. Sac dogs for mana so you can acid cloud for LOH and use bears to dps elites
-for 1.04 clears I'd start trying to work in move speed abilities... otherwise you look pretty set for the MP levels.

p.s. just blew my piggy bank on upgrades... so any advice headed my way will take a long time to do haha.
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