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Sell Equipment Before Patch 1.0.5 Hits!

Prices will take a while to fall and reflect the double drop-rate, mainly because after a patch there's an influx of players who buy up stuff and cause supply to go down.
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i dunno. considering how much room remains even with most legendary items to reach their perfect potential....

maybe it is not so terrible that the community will be saturated with tons of avg legendaries and the premiums will continue to be paid for the ones that are close to BiS.
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no point in burning off your gear if you aren't in a position to farm at max speed when the patch hits (which we don't even have a date for yet as far as I'm aware of). With the value of gold dropping it's a big gamble to cash out now as prices on good items are raising to match the gold value. It wouldn't be a bad idea to sell off any gear you aren't using however imop.

I do plan on doing a nice fat Gold purchase though when it seems to hit it's low, with hopes of it spiking in value after the patch..and if it doesn't i'll be ready to buy some of those new drops to help me keep up to speed.
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You mean i may actually have a chance at finding an upgrade now instead of having to buy it off the auction house?

OMG >>>>>
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WAY ahead of you! selling my crap ASAP
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The sky is falling.

I laughed :)
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oh yes come on sell all your godly stuff to me half price
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You guys do realise that double drop rates =/=double quality?

They most likely have simply reduced the chance of getting good ones...But increased drops so people wont experience such long periods without gettting any.
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I checked the AH this morning and saw that gem and brimstone prices dropped by 20% overnight and exquisite essence dropped by 50% and were selling for around 500 gold! Looks like prices have bounced from this morning's low.

It looks like price gyrations are going to be the norm over the next few weeks. Good luck to those trying to figure out how to ride the tide!
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09/28/2012 01:36 AMPosted by RuthlessAB
WAY ahead of you! selling my crap ASAP

It looks like you've done a good job in selling off your gear. Smart move since wizards are being nerfed hard in patch 1.0.5. I sold 2 items on RMAH but trying to sell some more. I'm just keeping "decent" MF gear so I can farm semi-effectively when the patch hits. Since Blizzard is nerfing inferno, it won't take much to farm in the new weakened inferno.
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>Forums: People complain that its too hard to find upgrades

>Blizzard doubles drop rate of an almost non zero drop chance that has no effect on quality

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2 X 0 is still == 0
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09/28/2012 12:08 AMPosted by ImOP
all the prices are going to be halfed. selling right now

It will probably take a few weeks, but this post is basically spot on (basic supply and demand). I don't have a ton of gold, but I won't be buying anything else until the patch has been out for a couple weeks.
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09/27/2012 10:00 PMPosted by SlingFox
Blizzard just announced that the drop rates for legendary and set items are going to be doubled.

wait, where is this confirmation?
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Please sell your witching hours for cheap, they will devalue signifigantly after tomorrow.
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Blizzard just announced that the drop rates for legendary and set items are going to be doubled. Combined with the giant boost to MF/GF provided by the monster level system in patch 1.0.5, your current gear is going to plummet in value as "good items" become more common.

If you haven't already, you should consider converting your current gear to cash via the RMAH since real $ is the best hedge against gold devaluation. For instance, the value of gold has dropped by 70% IN THE LAST WEEK ALONE from $2 per million to 57 cents per million.

If you can't sell via the RMAH, convert your current equipment to ingame gold since you'll likely be able to buy back your equipment post-patch at a fraction of current costs.

Countervailing Factor: If patch 1.0.4 is any indication, drop rates for the first 36 hours after 1.0.5 hits are going to be sweet until the AH fills up. You might want to get some mid-range farming gear to tide you over until auction house prices plummet.

oh noes! the "value" of my digital items within a game economy might go down? please say it aint so

better items/loot is GOOD for the game, the sky isn't falling.
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