Diablo® III

Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

@robotron change your main hand to a life steal with soc wep , upgrade your gems and maybe use more items with crits.
dude there is no robotron . -_-

+ Pretty expensive gear, I must say.

- Weapon could be better.

@JonChan. Pretty neat set of inna's. Just drop the shield, pick up something with CHD 80+ with LOL to sustain those nasty elites.

8/10 as well.
Nice gear, maybe wanna stack up more res, other then that great monk!

BTW, i'm wondering wich farm run can I do in act 2 inferno? I normally do the butcher in act 1 but it's become really easy and haven't given much even tho i get 300% mf with my mf gear and everything.
@NamAhn. Get the VOA(vault of the assassin) check point and clear it. Then hit BCM(black canyon mines) Ancient Path and Road to Alacarnus waypoints. Then restart over again.
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More Vit haha 15k hp?

Perhaps play HC as well.....
I can't judge you JBees because I don't know of the hardcore market. You seem to have sufficient stats to do act 1 so that is good.
Please don't skip me......

+ Decent DPS
+ Good Survivability

- Crit Chance could be better

Question though, does Combination Strike work even if you only have one spirit generator ability?

@Noel Yes, it gives 8x(number of generators) for 3 seconds. If you only have 1 spirit generator it will just give a bonus 8% damage. And since I don't use One with Everything or Resolve, I took the dmg increase.

+ Pretty good dodge build Monk

- DPS could still be improved.
- Since you rely on dodge so much for survival, I wonder how you fare against multiple ground hazards without Serenity?

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Pretty balanced monk build but try to increase DPS above 50k will be nice. Work on increasing your critical damage thru your main hand, rings and amulet.

A fairly solid monk build. I have nothing else to offer or comment. Great!
Rate my newbie Monk as well, thanks. :)
@Noel / SwiftBlade.
Thanks for the feedback. the Won Kim Lau add 21% of lighting damage so on profile damage is less than what it output in game. Crit damage (yellow number) is always 70-80K which is nice.

But now saving up for something more useful and eventually get the inna set.

As for Ground Hazzard,
i start with breath of heaven (dmg buff), Sweeping wind, then run to the pack and blind them (with dmg buff), give me 3 sec of about 66k dps.

end with SSS

Usually the pack would be cleared (if not 1-2 is down in pack)

if not my dodge backlash will keep exploding until there is nothing left.


Group similar tactics but pop a potion every while usually does the trick.

for multiple ground hazzard (plagued+molten+desecrator) may god have mercy on my monk......
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@ Noel

Your newbie monk? I hope you're kidding thats no newbie monk :3
Also you have way too much time on your hands lol, nice 60 lineup.

As far as gear goes your past my level of expertise, very interesting passives and LPSS on helm/weapon. If anything you have perhaps a little too much sustain? 1.4k regen, somewhere around 140 LPSS, 42k health and a lot of armor. If you're happy being a sword and board monk you can probably drop survivability stats on your gear because of your shield and pick up more attack speed.

Hopefully someone with a better knowledge of sword and board monks and the upper echelons of gear can give you a rate. Gl ^^

You need more attack speed!
your life regen is really good.
you could improve your chc.
Zkhil, I would focus on upgrading emeralds in weapons. I like your direction.

I've recently upgraded shoulders and pants. I'm not touching rings, amulets or weapons until afterc1.05.

What do you think of my build?
10/07/2012 06:58 PMPosted by BlackLotus
The weapon can easily be replaced with higher LoH, higher dps and socket/higher crit for less than 30mil.

At this point in time it cannot, these weapon types have huge b/outs on them, you did well to get 2 for under 30 mill
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