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Rate the Monk Above You Part 3


Holy S#it! your monk is sick! did you spend a billion on him?!
I seriously don't know if you can improve your monk any further!
or maybe just get a better Nat's ring..or change your gloves. I hated the sage's set coz you couldn't dye them!
@Felenious, Good idea waiting on 1.0.5, bit more attack speed and you will rock.
@Noelle, if you are going to stay with shield then upgrade it to at least 20% block. More if you can.
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if you want more dps youre gonna have to switch to dual wield or 2h if you prefer.

change your pants with socket and the resist you prefer.

dmg in rings and ammy really help so try to get that when you upgrade yours cause that really helps a lot.

and get crit chance on gears like gloves, helm, and rings.

just keep playing and everything will fall in to place :)
@dogyummy Nice build well done. Only thing i would like you to have is more resist. More resist all would help but i know it will be expensive. Sorry about posting my build with some MF gear on it, i have swapped it and it should show up shortly.

Switch your helmet, unless u stack poison resis which i dnt think u do, the extra fire damage is rough , nice dps though !@#$s high as F. i dnt get how u get so much

Rate me thanx ghuys!

Nothing wrong with a little MF gear (check mine)

I like your build good use of LoH with good attack speed.

If your not willing to drop the sword and board for dual wield I would simply recommend upgrading your jewelry after 1.05. Upgrading your existing weapon to a socket w same stats will be quite expensive.

In my opinion your resists are overkill for your DPS, drop the shield and add a socket w lifesteal 1h. Your dps will take a big boost and youll see the Lifesteal actually increase your survivability

Nice build. Obviously you got it tweaked enough to incorporate a decent amount of MF/GF on to your gear. I think my only suggestion would be to incorporate a bit of pickup radius on your gear. Even as little as 6yds helps a lot with globes and gold.
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I envy your gear.

By the way, my profile is Kaner#1131.
@Kaner :

Nice balanced monk. However, I seem to recall that back at 45-ish DPS, LS (especially 2.3) wasn't doing much...you do, however, have almost 900 life regen. How's your survivability?

Biggest things I'd look at upgrading for you would be :

1. Gems (I'm sure you've got quite the stack going by now!);
2. Movt speed! Get some on your boots, at least;
3. Biggest one : ammy. At least get a bifecta one - they're pretty cheap these days! - with avg dmg, and you'll see a big diff. Your mh ring could also be bifecta for cheap.


You need to work on your EHP. Your life pool is barely 30-35k and you have little resist to show for it. I see alot of your items come with decent dex, but minimal vit. Try to even that out. Also, your amulet is simply unacceptable. Not to be rude at all, just saying it could be holding extra LoH, CHD, Crit, or IAS that you definitely need due to your low end dps. May I also suggest a weapon with crit dmg AND a socket. The extra crit dmg will help boost your dps a little while you work on evening out your dex/vit. Also, go for avg dmg on rings and ammy, it will help tremendously when you do get to a more legitimate point, I can see that obviously you're still coming up so keep working at it. GL. As for build, I dont rate builds but may I suggest for the time being MAnta of EVasion with hard target, and instead of SSS grab Dashing Strike with quiksilver to get around and not be low on spirit all the time. Swinds + SSS + breath + serenity is draining you no doubt. If you're having trouble getting testy packs down quick you can also try slipping in cyclone strike for something and getting eye of the storm so you can pull mobs to you more often. again, GL.
@Silver, you need more EHP too. YOur dps is plenty suitable if you build correctly you will waste mobs. An quick fix would be to drop your 1250dps weapon for one with dex/vit or just high vit and about 1050-1150dps with CHD AND the socket. You'll be surprised that you will probably do even more damage and suddenly youll have 10k more HP too. Keep working on extra vit too. Some of your items you clearly went the cheaper route to save for the time being, but in the state you are now, it's about time you start working toward perfection and subbing out accordingly for items with better vit and more consistent rolls of Ar AND Cr. GL.

I like the word "bifecta" lol

Could proabably upgrade gems to all flawless star or higher, but thats more of a luxury adjustment. Glad to see another sword/board monk out there with good dps. I see you went with an actual DPS skill rather than just mantra spamming, how is wave of light? I see you are set up to be able to spam it pretty much.. does it bug others who fight with you because of the knockback or do you run solo mostly?

So is the 90 LPSS enough to keep you alive comfortably? I imagine since your spirit generator is set to give you alot that you can pretty much spam 3,600 healing every time you hit wave of light.

My only big suggestion would be to work in some pickup radius for health globes.. it helps so much. If you can get the affix on your shoulders it would be a quick and very benefitial upgrade.

I would say very solid farming build especially with the increased movement speed

Nice BLackthorn Setup.

I like how you built your monk around atk speed. I know its expensive to do but a few pieces of gear are missing dex stat but none the less your over 2k and you're surviving with the board.
ty I quite enjoy the set.
@ TucciMane : Appreciate the feedback, thanks. Could you be more specific as to the items you'd upgrade first? I agree, I did cheap out. =)

@ Artimen : Yeah, I actually REALLY like LpSS! =) 90 seems to be enough for most encounters. I generate spirit pretty fast with the high crit chance (my old Tzo Krin also had 4% crit chc but dropped that for the socket to gain exp faster), and I can spam bells to dmg/survive. No one seems to complain too much about knockback, but maybe they're too polite. =)

And yes, pickup radius is next. Shoulders is exactly what I was looking at, or belt...?

@ RacorBlade : Dude, I don't think I've seen anybody benefit from sets as much as you! =) Well done - my advice to you would be for you as well, to go at least bifecta on rings and ammy. =)

you gota kinda nice gear, i think you shoud aim to get inna head for de set bouns, and really try to get out that shield and get a nice dps weapon with loh or ls

Shoot for that weapon I was talking about first, then I would go for the shield...go for like 150/150 dex/vit and you need need need over 25% block if poss. A shield like that with about 7-8crit and minimal AR with a CR roll too ill prove to be better. You can even stoop the crit on it as low as 5-6% and the dex down to 100 if you wish. WHY? because I would also suggest (and I know you're AS) an Innas helm. decent dex, make sure it has about the same vit and it'll come with crit to recover you fom what you lose on the shield to gain survivability there and also the 2 piece from innas will bump you 130 more dex. If you can find a very similar shield with 100 more vit and about the same stats but with better block, get it and get that innas too and youll be happy. a 130dex 4-5% crit boost would far outweigh that 6% AS on your helm especially with how much you already have. At that point if you've played your cards right you can probably swap your pants gems with 2 50+ vit ones to seal the deal and i think you'll be alot more solid at that point.
I was skipped but


Upgrade your weapons to 1000+dps weapons with generally same stats , this will increase your dps a ton!

Your other gear looks good , jus slowly upgrade pieces with higher and or more stats!!

Good luck Homie
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Nice crit set up with your jewelry and decent AS with Inna's. Still looking for a pair of those for myself.

Try and up your weapon DPS.



Edit: @Stryker

Awesome Shen weapon, Ward, Lacuni's and another with Inna's pants. haha

A few more elite kills and you get will be able to gear up a few other slots to match those mentioned.

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