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Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

@RaLpH: Mostly a solid monk, but you can use more health, attack speed, and life steal/life on hit.

rings could be better but overall good monk! maybe try to get more crit damage

btw, for my monk i was trying to build a mf build for inferno but it didn't work out so good so i'm rebuilding it, i know i need more vit. can u point me out some gear i should look into

You can start to get some vit from ur Boots, Chest or both rings.

look for sage's boots for extra +35 all stats
look for 3 socket chest with 100 vit
look for ring with decent dex, vit, average damage/ias and crit chance.

@ jwjw85
looks like a great monk! I like the fist of legend + WKL combination :P
not much to improve on imo.
Nice build only things I really seen right off was shoulders and chest. Everything else looked pretty good. the Socketed shenlong very nice.

As of now I have been saving a upgrading my gems. Also trying to trade my boots for dex instead of str. After both those was going to try and get a socketed shenlong glove. Thought I was going ok for gear till I seen what dps monks are showing on here. I have not play much and still have gear based more for magic find pre paragon system.

Any other ideas would be helpfull

Dps is on point and looks like an overall solid build. But you are lacking any kind of sustain in the form of ls,lpss or loh. I would highly suggest getting some and raising up your vit more because your barely breaking 30k as is.

As far as your skill set it's pretty cookiecutter
need some help with my monk, I can take on act4 but not with ease :)

it's ias loh build
your monk looks amazing maybe a helm with a socket?
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Nice work on your monk ! a lot of damage output. looking at completing the Shenlong Set?

also I notice your andariels has 22% fire damage taken

maybe find 1 with less???

But Overall it's 9/10 monk :D
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looks very nice

lots of res and strong dps

also, your dodge must be close to max.. what is it at?

nice monk 8/10
sorry I play EU


get crit in your bracers, gloves, rings and ammy if you want to use the standard sweeping wind build.

i like your attack speed and your hp.

probably new pants with sockets to increase your dex even more.

and the dmg stats in rings are definitely a good investment cause of the huge dps boost you'll see.

youre going to have to sacrifice some def and res if you want to increase your dps significantly.
a very nice monk
good dps, a lot of life
maybe some more resist wouldnt be bad but anything else looks great

Hmm it seems I can't rank the monk above me because he doesn't have a monk lol.
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10/09/2012 09:36 AMPosted by Sasuke
Hmm it seems I can't rank the monk above me because he doesn't have a monk lol.

sure he does: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KillerDJ-2555/hero/18675630

as for you, nice dps... 150k unbuffed. decent res and hp too. not sure what to upgrade... your armor might be low in 1.05.

your vain source ring could use an upgrade. i would wait till 1.05 for that though.
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oh wow..

yeah thats a good monk..
i cant even critque it.. its good..

11 out of 10

dps is insane, all res is waay up there, as is dex which MUST be maxing out your dodge

very expensive.. very nice
@ Chin

Nice setup. I would consider some IAS gear and dual resist armour pieces. If you can get some dual resist, you can drop crip wave for FoT, which will boost dps and Loh about 30% due to attack speed, although this doesnt show on your character sheet.

For any monks here who know, does skill based dps bonus also not show on character sheet? I bought a new FoT helm, but my dps didn't go up. : (

Also asking advice from great monks about whether I should get innas chest and pants instead of what I'm wearing. Will buff dps a lot, but lose tonnes of resist and vitality. Opinions?


First, I do not believe the added bonus from items such as your helm show up on your character sheet, but someone please correct me if im wrong.

I would say you have a good looking monk so far. As for the two piece inna's set, i would definitely try for it. I went with the helm and pants, but the chest is a good option as well. (from what i have seen and read, some tend to keep away from the belt as there are better options out there) as for the resist, my personal experience has been the need to sacrifice some resists for boosted dps. I have found (on 1.0.4 and ~mp5 on ptr) that the lost of the resists is not a big deal with the raise in dps, as youre killing the monsters quicker and not letting their affixes mess you up.

I would recommend maybe getting some CC on your rings, that should boost your dps a bit. If its viable, i would also look at getting some crit damage + OS on a weapon or two. But overall, a nice solid monk

Insane gear, could work on your HP a bit once MP levels come around but for now I'm sure you melt everything and anything! Very nice gear!
@ Pein

Pretty good setup you got there, granted you don't have any godly pieces like most of us don't. I would suggest obtaining more attack speed overall and some all res for your gloves. Not much improving you need other than getting the gold together to get end game gear.

-Also, my rings and ammy aren't very good and I'm aware(waiting on 1.05). Don't be too harsh haha.
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