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Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

Mind rating mine guys? what can i change for a not so expensive pricing?

Complete your inna's s et with teh pants, it will max out your runspeed as well although you might need to put amythyst gems in to make up for the VIT
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I'd move the vitality off your knife--perhaps by slipping an amethyst into your helmet. You could then upgrade to a higher DPS weapon. Also, I would get some more critical hit chance. With those two changes, you could be at near 100k DPS.

I think your quickest/cheapest upgrade would be getting crit chance on your other ring.

i was actually using one but i got this ring and it boosts my dps and hp together so i decided to use it.
@ Masamune

If you upgrade your shoulders, gloves and rings / ammy (in 1.05) you will get a substantial DPS gain.

I am, however at a loss with my build... I cant afford Inna's and anything I do to increase DPS takes away from survivability thus i am in purgatory.

You can sacrifice dex for IAS. Start stacking IAS on rings, ammy, gloves etc. This will make much better use of your loh from your shenlong fists while maintaining and even slightly increasing your DPS overall.
@ Thorhunter

I would ditch the Shenlong fist weapons. You are missing out up to 400% critical hit damage in your weapons alone. I understand you'd lose a chunk of dex, but two weapons each with at least 70% critical hit damage and a socket (for up to 170% per weapon, with a top emerald), would probably give you 10-20k DPS and cost you a lot less.

To make up some of your lost dex, you can get some new boots. A decent rare pair will easily have 200+ dex on it.
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you are definitely going in the right direction. Now jus slowly start upgrading one piece at a time an overtime your dps an stats will go up.

another suggestion would be using resolve or fleet footed over the guardians path. also i use seven sided strike over cyclone strike. really whatever works best for you though and makes it easier.

Could anyone give me a rate?!? I kno my rings are trash at moment cuz i switched to lightning resistance an still havent upgraded my rings.
@ CaRoTiD

Attack speed is important, but I think critical hit chance/damage is generally the more cost effective upgrade. In Thorhunter's case, he is definitely very low on his weapons. A sword with 900+ DPS, 70% critical hit damage, and a socket, is very affordable. Under 10 mil when they com up.
@Mafoo upgrade the gem in your helm!

Thor mentioned he couldnt afford an inna's which means that he has less than 30-40M to spend

IAS would be cheap to add to his current gear vs good crit chance/damage gear
@ StRyKer

I would shift primary attributes like dexterity and vitality off your weapons, where they are most expensive. That way you could afford ones with higher DPS, plus attack speed, critical hit damage, and sockets. It would be the cheapest way to raise your overall DPS by a significant margin.

Can anyone help me out? I seem to have hit a DPS ceiling.

Your gear gives great stats man! Great job! It also has high mf which caught my eye (survivability gear with mf ontop of it is dope as F.)

Im digging that dagger too bro , i havent even seen one with them stats an dps on the ah.
@kranix1 - My gut tells me that if you replace your MH weapon with one that had good CD + OS, it can give you a nice DPS boost. Also not sure if guardian's path is the passive to use for you -- resolve might work better.

Looks like for the budget you're working with, you're on the right track to building a decent monk. 650+ all res with OWE will get you by (although you may run into problems in higher MP levels when patch hits). Decent sustain as well.
Are you guys using DPS calculators? It would help you figure out where to invest most cost-effectively.

I've been playing around with mine and can't seem to get much beyond 100k DPS, where I am now, unless I switch a two-handed weapon.

... Just get Loh on neck, rings, and a socket weapon with loh already on it... You already have enough resist, HP, and armor to tank most mobs. You just don't have enough life sustain.
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