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Rate the Monk Above You Part 3


Nice gear. If I were to be picky - I would say you should maybe think about completing your Inna's set with the belt. A. The Adds % Holy damage takes your phys dmg from weapons (read not any elemental ie + x - xx holy damage or + y - yy fire damage) and adds that total to your dps. With a pure physical weapon, Inna's belt is a 7-8% dps increase.

Plus, then you could exploit Sweeping Winds better. Like keep up a Sweeping Winds that you got with Blind + Blazing Wrath + Frenzy Shrine, for a very long time.

Maybe 3-5k more hp, but that's even pickier.

But seriously, great gear.

Good skorn build.

Once 1.05 hits the health globe heal only builds will have a hard time in anything over prob MP3-4. If anything I would obviously suggest a LS skorn but aside from that chunk of cash I would regear your jewelry once the ilvl63 stuff hits post 1.05.

Lifesteal will basically become a requirement for Monk 2h builds after the patch hits simply because you cant take full advantage of LoH with the reduced attack speed.


you hate a really cool gear, you could try to look for AS on amu and rings so that ubbers will be more esay to kill :D

really the main thing i see with you is look for one more inna piece to get the dex bonus.

as far as ring and ammy waiting till post patch for level 63 jewelry. but thank you
Guys - I really need some ideas / suggestions. I've been gone for a couple months, but have started playing again. I was able to make around 40-50 mill on items earlier, looong before everything got easy, so I stacked a lot of vit. It looks like Vit isn't really that important for monks now. It seems I need a lot more dex and DPS. Where should I start? Should I just start saving a ton for set items?

Vit is underrated at the moment since everyone is going all-out dps. Come 1.05, you'll be in a better position though, so don't downplay vit.

You could upgrade your rings to begin with for IAS and CC (with dex and average damage if you can afford it). If you're looking at legendaries, get Inna's pants and the chest piece (unless you're willing to drop the Mempo and get Inna's helm instead of the chest). Good luck!

Wow, nice Monk. I don't think I am qualified to really give you advice, I don't even know where to begin.

Maybe you could get some higher rolls on your legendaries and set items. Don't know what else you could possibly do.

Also, I see you use Fleet Footed whilst have +24% Move speed from your gear. I was under the impression move speed was capped at 25%... am I wrong? Does fleet footed bypass the 25% cap? Or does this "cap" not exist and is something I created an idea of?

Anyways, nice Monk. If someone can correct me on the move speed and rate me that'd be appreciated. I am looking to upgrade my offhand without losing any damage and at the same time gain Lifesteal, also I want more vitality and would like to be at 100k minimum unbuff DPS without BoH but LS and Vit are more important to me.

solid build just all around solid..... not the big of a skorn fan personally.... thats the only thing i would change on your build, personal thing..... but other than that very nice balance. Your upgrades are minor and really really pricey.

you can do what i had to do and get the mempo and inna chest... bout the next best thing for ya... no coment on jewelry cause new patch
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yeah fleet footed will get you to 35% movement speed.

as far as your monk upgrade your gems but you seem to be on the right track

Also, I see you use Fleet Footed whilst have +24% Move speed from your gear. I was under the impression move speed was capped at 25%... am I wrong? Does fleet footed bypass the 25% cap? Or does this "cap" not exist and is something I created an idea of?


Yeap, 25% is the cap, but post 1.04 Fleet Footed applies over and above the cap. Meaning monks can have up to 35% MS while other classes can only have 25%. Thank you for your kind words btw :)


Thanks for the input, I'm sure more IAS would be great for sure. Though I'm trying to maintain my resistances for the next patch. We'll see! I'll keep your advice in mind :)
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@ chanabra
Really nice build. You have much better gear than me but i'll try and give you some advice where I can. Maybe change exhalted soul for Resolve because you have a lot of attack speed and your skills are not very spirit consuming. Also, prepare to either swap thunderclap for deadly reach - keen eye, or change MOC to MOE- Resolve for the next armor nerf in 1.05. I also see some minor possible chest, bracer, and possibly some other item improvements to be had, but those would cost a ton. Overall great monk though.
You need to get gears that provide better DEX than that. You have better weapons than me DPS-wise and yet your actual DPS is below mine because you dont have the DEX to back them up.
@fuzzyWuzzy I think you need more life on hit or resist.
@Sunday nice monk. I'd try to get helm armor pants with max sockets for emeralds. Also try to raise damage with crit and attack speed
@ douchkingxtr... so sexy... insane monk, all super great gear. w so much dps and survivability, i think i would ditch the litany and get leroics for the last 30 lvl grind to 100... only thing i could think of doing to have any fun changing gear haha. other than that, beast mode
@ kkmmnn : WOW, that's a lotta green.

I've just redone my monk and seem to be invincible standing in poison and molten so long as i'm hitting, but just don't have the damage or vitality.
@ evilstuie

Apart from a need to boost your dex, look at increasing your AS too. Maybe look for faster weapons or get that IAS on your rings and ammy. Will increase your dps and help with spirit regen.
@evilstuie: Get a helm with a socket and put in a purple gem that will help your hp alot. Try to get a little more crit chance, it must take a while to kill act3 elites. I can stand in the poison and molten too with around 900 unbuffed resist so trading a little for crit chance shouldn't hurt very much.
@llwriestll, yeah i usually group with high dps guys and take the bulk of the damage when i can.
I just can't figure how ppl can get 150k+ dps monks without getting 1 shotted
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