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Rate the Monk Above You Part 3

@evilstuie Your monk is your alt 8/
Would love some advice on my monk.

Figure I need to get my AS up from 1.7 to above 2.0. Don't want to sacrifice Res, so it might have to be a trade off on Crit Damage on the rings.

the main issue is that your monk is level 1.

Ok really now, you could probably switch out your sage set for 2 rares which will be much better. As individual pieces they aren't great, and the set bonus is really nothing much.

Also might consider getting some sustain, LOH or LS (probably LS at your DPS and attack speed).

Inna's temperance is probably one of the best items you can get for a monk, so if you've got inna's pieces having the pants is probably what you want.

if you dont mind losing the MF on your bracers, you could probably get a better one with dual resists for fairly cheaply.

Try to double stack your resistance. Maybe loose a little on the Life per second on resistance?

Need a bit more dex to farm act 3 with more efficiently
How about my monk?
@ANGEL, nice gear man, 9/10

the main issue is that your monk is level 1.

Took me a couple of minutes to switch onto to what you were on about ;D

Thanks for the advice, will look into the Inna's Temperance.
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you should get some boots with movespeed, and since you are sword and board with fairly high resist and armor you can afford to drop resolve for fleeted foot

Faster movement = faster clears, not to mention its easier to kite and run away from stuff if need be
How can I boost my dmg to 60-70k it just seems like adding more dex is not the answer.
@ Live Tribunal

You need attackspeed, whilst stacking crit and crit dmg is nice, its important to have a good balance between the 3. I would say ias is the most important of the 3 since it increases your spirit regen rate

You need to get some crit chance and damage items. Your weapons are OK but your armor is pretty low end.
some advice on my monk?
Am I even going the right direction with this?

Edit: NVM my everything is embarrassing.
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rate me too please?

wow very nice dps, im having a hard time reaching 80k above dps :(

should i go for LS or LoH?

Easiest way for you to go above 80k dps will be for you to go dual wield, try getting something with 800+dps with lifesteal and a socket. Loh is ok but over 50k lifesteal wins out.

After that i would replace your helm and pants for innas set, go for helm first as it always has crit chance and a socket.

Hope that helps

You have the kind of monk that I'm aiming for: a high dps one without really compromising on anything. You have high critical chance, critical damage, attack speed, armor and resistances; and both LOH and LS for sustain. Your HP is average, but it's not as low as some other high dps monks I see around here.

It's gonna be a long way for me to reach your level of gear though. "Undyeable" legendaries are holding me back from getting vile ward, and Inna's chest and pants at the moment.
Thanks Krio, solid monk you got there as well, you are at the point where you are going to really need to plan out a few steps ahead with the gear you are looking to replace, I ended up wasting millions of gold going in circles with my gear. If you look past the "undyeable" factor (blackthornes + innas actually looks pretty bada ss) you may have to go for innas pants but at the same time you will need to find something to replace the loss in hp (i would recommend blackthornes chestpiece).

Right now im trying to replace my gloves and pants with allres over arcane res, that way I can drop OWE to get ready for a potential nerf in the future. I agree my HP is a little low for 1.05 but will switch to amethyst on my helm once i reach paragon 100!
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