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Saw this review on Metacritic for MoP a couple days ago (ended up getting deleted):

I've never played WoW once in my life, but I'm rating this game a zero so I can be part of the Blizzard Hate Machine, too.

This got me thinking: how many people who left a user review for that game actually played it?
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Don't pay attention to those reviews. The game is absolutely amazing. Hell, it is probably better than Wrath in the least and I have seen many compare it to TBC in various posts/threads.

People likely became pretty jaded due to Cataclysm. This time around the game feels pretty fresh, and on top of them you can get some pretty nice loot for your alts who are still below level 85 to help them level even faster.
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10/01/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Royjr
the games crap just like d3

Have you ever played WoW?
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One reviewer says that he is giving it a low score because of Diablo 3. Yea, Metacritic is totally a reliable review website -_-
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random thoughts to form an opinion:

-loved wow, quit at end of bc because it went to trash
-came back for lich king but did not enjoy it
-followed wow on mmochamp (and still posted often), despite not playing the game

-played d3, did not have "fun" for 95%+ of my 300? hours played
-bro played d3, did not have "fun" for majority (i won't give him a % because I'm not him) out of his ~150hrs played

-my bro bought GW2 and enjoys it
-my bro bought MoP and enjoys it

-I bought TL2 and enjoy it
-My bro bought TL2 and enjoys it but doesn't play it often.

-I post on here about various games because I wanted D3 to be something it isn't, Diablo.

-I think blizz is trash now.
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