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Hungry bats is NOT doing 350% Weapon Damage!

Title basically explains itself. Blizzard...do you have any play testers at all? Hungry Bats (rune for Firebats) supposedly does 350% weapon damage per bat....

and they do less consistently and noticeably less damage than zombie bears at 236% WD and seems to be hitting at around more like 180% per bat. This has been a noticed problem on other forums I've read since back in June.

Apparently this bug hasn't been fixed for months and months, ironically even as the skill received a buff in damage during a recent patch. Lylirra, any blue....I hope if you read this, you'll perhaps bring it up and fix it because I would love to use our highest weapon damage % skill (aside from Pile On).
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Zombie bears does 708% Damage.

236% x 3 bears.

350% should definitely be noticeably less.

Also, blues don't read or post in the WD forum
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And how would you know if a blue did or didn't read something? Just because they don't post doesn't mean they don't observe. I didn't realize you could be so omniscient as to know when someone had looked at something without being there to see them read it yourself. Impressive.

Zombie bears don't collectively roll their crit damage into a giant number hitting for 708%x crit damage modifier. They crit individually. And those crits are substantially bigger than the solitary crits from exhibit A: Firebats (Hungry Bats).

I have 140k DPS with Pierce the Veil, 37% CC, and 514% bonus crit hit damage.
I crit with individual zombie bears @236% Weapon Damage for 800k-1 million damage. I crit with individual Hungry Bats @350% Weapon Damage for 450k-650k.
Makes zero sense.
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Perhaps post it in the PTR feedback forum? We've had alot of WD posts there recently complaining (myself included) so I'm hoping at least one of our problems gets fixed soon.
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Hungry bats is 350% weapon damage per second.
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yah i saw that 350% dmg and tried them, i have a good bit of AS so they spam really fast. but they just didnt seem to do very much dmg at all for me either. And whats worse they wouldn't hit all the time even with only 1 elite standing in front of me only some would hit.
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Shadicar It's not 180% weapon dmg it's 175% weapon dmg.

Hungery bats do's do it's full dmg of 350% weapon dmg but it works like all other Channeled spells becouse Hungery bats is a channeled spell.

That means it do's it's full dmg per attack in two ticks or two bats for 175% weapon dmg per attack.

So at 1.5 weapon speed you will put out 3 bats every sec.

Secondly Dont compare Bats to Bears. Bears is a point blank aoe. Even one bear can hit more then one target were as Hungery bats only hit one and only one target each bat.

So Bears AOE and Hungery Bats Single target so yes the AoE wins no supprize there.
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I have 140k DPS with Pierce the Veil, 37% CC, and 514% bonus crit hit damage.
I crit with individual zombie bears @236% Weapon Damage for 800k-1 million damage. I crit with individual Hungry Bats @175% Weapon Damage for 450k-650kx2 for channeled attacks = 350% weapon dmg per atttack.
Makes sense.

Fixed that for you hope it helps you better understand how Channeled spells work.
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The only bat spell I've found half useful is CoB. And that one gets me killed all the time because you can't move and cast it.
So all the bat skills need a makeover.
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Sky I'm not saying that it dont need a boost or something like I dont know 8yard splash dmg on Impact or something.

I'm just saying it is doing it's 350% dmg and is currently working.
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Umbra - I'm not criticizing you. Just throwing my bat experience in there. It probably works as described -- but it could use some help.
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I posted in Umbra's thread and noted it was doing exactly half the expected maximum crit damage, thus splitting up the damage based on two bats per second.

Post in that thread with the blue reply, somewhere in there is 'improvements to bats.'

I mostly complain about the high mana cost of bats versus the relatively low damage. It's hard to channel a spell, even if you have the defense to stand there and take it, if you run out of mana.
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