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Give monsters a very low chance of dropping a fortune cookie. When right clicking the fortune cookie in your inventory it will read you your fortune. This is meant to replace legendary items. Fortune cookies can also be bought/sold on the AH. Collect them all!!

Collect 'em all? Sounds like another favorite, ongoing franchise of mine. Release 150 new fortune cookies each year.
Some of the previous posts used cod as an example of what not to do with sequels.

I understand the point they are trying make. Don't just put different toppings on the pizza and call it pizza 2.0

I have played i think the last 3 cod titles and i must say they do a good job at keeping what i like about the game (shooting nubs with a team) and changing the "toppings."
The gameplay does not change much, i don't think they should. Quick scoping gets tweaked here and there but its always a viable setup. Of course im only speaking about the multiplayer. The single gets great reviews from friends who bother with the single player modes/zombies.

Perhaps cod isn't the best example to use.
This, Sir, is a good and informative post. You've covered every aspect i've seen since the release and may i say even before the release date, when stat points and skill levels and also the more complex rune system was droped. They made a horrible choice when they left out such an important part in build diversity. Making you character truly unique IS what makes build diversity, and by making "every build viable" they morphed what could have been a great game in a bland hack 'n slash experience that leaves a kind of bad taste in your mouth. But to fix this they must start from scratch, re-do the whole skill/stat system and that could be a bit hard when the game is already out. So i guess they are trying to come up with something to adress this issues you have explained, because let's face it, if so many players have come to the same conclusion, someone at blizzard must have thought the same at some point.

i saw a reply on the second page saying that only tier 3 skills were viable in d2 and i say i disagree with that. every skills was viable back in the good old days, because you could choose your game skills according to your playing style, so what someone could have found ineffective was viable to someone else. Frost nova and blaze sorcerers for example.
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I really like the itemization points. I don't think they necessarily ruined the game with the way they designed items, but I feel given what they did with how damage is calculated, they need to add a few more mechanics to give the same feeling of power and choice that players want. Also, mitigation...not much to say about that. Classes are just too squishy. All of them. When you HAVE to use absurd amounts of regeneration as a Melee class you know something is quite off.
Those things have been said hundred times but ones again:

09/29/2012 04:19 PMPosted by Kwyjibo
I can say that I 100% agree with all your points

A very well thought out and comprehensive address of the issues with loot. Please, PLEASE let the devs read this.

Also, possible way of fixing the problem, just brainstorming: have ALL items roll with main/vit/resistance, guaranteed (things get more complicated with items that have different trifectas, or more than these). Then, randomly roll other, more interesting affixes. The trifecta stats will still be random, but there would never be a lack of them, and so much less loot would be garbage by default. It would also introduce some complexity in decision making, as you may have to decide whether to lower your main/vit for some cool proc effect.
OP hit the nail on the head.

The game can in no way ever be fixed because the problems lie at the very core.
It's not an ARPG any more, it's more of an arcade game.

Well they could fix it if they:
- Reintroduce stat distribution (improve and redefine what stats do to improve upon Diablo 2 as Torchlight 2 did).
- Completely change loot to fit in line with the stat attribute change (stats are no longer that important on loot).
- Reintroduce skill trees.
- Remove all cool-downs, completely rebalance the game so the only management required is resource management.
- Completely change the way the world is made by making it less linear and more random.
- Make the story completely optional, never having to be interrupted from playing or having to hear another word from any NPC whilst playing.
- Allow free travel throughout the world.

Think this list is practically impossible for Blizz to fix, so yea the game is fundamentally flawed and probably will never get better.
very well written mate :) good summary
I logged in just to give this thread a high rating. Your analysis of the game in a nutshell is accurate and concise. Very well written, I honestly hope the CM's read the OP and pass it on to the Development team.

The problems with D3 at this point are neither simple or simply-solved. They are very convoluted problems, due to the core mechanics of the game.

To contribute to the Itemization discussion:

The root of the Itemization problem is NOT the items. Its the way the Skill and Stat systems were set up.

Basing all skill damage on DPS, and all DPS on a single primary stat, was a mistake. But that by itself is not a bad thing; the problem was that all OTHER stats became virtually useless.

The solution is to completely overhaul the Stat system, and the way Skill damage interacts with it. Each Stat should have an Offensive and Defensive bonus, that benefits all classes to some degree, depending on the Skills a player chooses. For example:

- Strength increases Armor, and all Physical damage (including Weapon Damage)
- Dexterity increases Dodge chance, Crit chance and Crit Damage Multiplier
- Intelligence increases Resistances, and all Magic damage (including Elemental damage on Weapons)
- Vitality increases Hit points and Hit Point Regeneration.

All Skill damage is then split into 2 areas: Physical and Magic (Magic includes Holy, Arcane, Poison, etc.).

Now, all of a sudden Demon Hunters aren't just stacking Dexterity. Depending on their skill choices, they may want to stack more Intelligence; and vice-versa for a Wizard.

Although I think D3 is a good game, its not great. Each patch, generally, has been a step in the right direction. But the problems with D3 are its core mechanics. It will require a complete overhaul--probably through an expansion--of the Stat, Skill and Itemization systems, to make D3 the amazing game that we have all been waiting for.
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Bumping for the chance a Dev will catch sight of this Well Written and Concise breakdown from a players point of view ....

Thank You again !!
they dont give a F so dont bother with the bump as the devs are to busy snorting their own bumps from the millions of dollars we gave em
THE best thread I have ever read in the Diablo 3 forums. If any one knows of a better one, post the link.

My spin on the subject usually results in the corporate corrupt gathering of the developing minds. All design discussions revolved around, 'ok, how do we milk these guys more with our RMAH'. And that would result in simplified stats, more is better (DPS), keep it simple stupid(+6 to werewolf makes it complex - get rid of it). And alas, we have our present design.
spot on!!!
+1 bump
We are Angiris, afterall...
By removing Stats from the game, developers had an unintended side-effect: They removed items from the game. Items became stats



If blizz does not hire you they are out of their minds.

Well thought out points. Because Diablo 3 is at it's heart a loot and grind game, people derive enjoyment from the loot. The grinding is good but the loot is horrible. When they took away build diversity with their rune system, they ensured that all items would become more narrow. There will only be very few items that everyone wants while the rest are not worth that much.

I believe that Diablo 3 in the long run will fail and it might be up to other games like Path of Exile to carry the Diablo 2 torch because this game ain't gonna make it.
Very accurate assessment. Maybe they're saving some of these features for the expansion pack:
Diablo III Lord of Greed
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