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Diablo 3: A Deconstruction


not that boring crap i read every day.

somebody put issues on table.

without bringing up tl2 ONCE

and without saying i quit it sucks etc.

i for one, cannot argue.
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+1 op

this entire post just made me feel sad of what the Diablo franchise has become. no matter how many patches they put up it wont be a long-term one- the core itself is broken. i still play the game on occasion but the fun isn't there anymore-
I'm interested in hearing any arguments.

"Your gear sucks and thus you suck as well by association"

"Go play Pony Adventure Quest 7; it is better suited to your infantile mentality"

That sort of thing.
Truth always burn the eyes...
Well said OP. You motivated me to actually login and type something after, i think 2 months? I stopped playing for a good while already, but i like to check back once in a while and laugh at people that whine everyday and yet still play.

Just a little sharing. I bought D3 on day 1, had some serious fun for a couple days, then went on a 1 month vacation in Europe. I came back, i played some more, it is then i realized... this game is so out of syn with ANY arpg. Not only to D2, but to any arpg game.

Apart from all the problems mentioned by OP, the one thing that annoys me the most... is the not able to dodge any attacks thing (it might has a specific term for it, i dont remember). I'm saying the fact that when a mob started its motion to hit you, theres no way you can avoid it, you can move a million miles away and STILL get hit. This pisses me off SO MUCH.

I don't only play D3. I play many games. During these days I've played PoE, Darksiders 2, Diablo 2 (yeah i reinstalled it), Sleeping Dogs, TL2, GW2.... and what do they have in common? We can dodge attacks. So when i come back to D3 for maybe a brief while, I was like wtf is going on? Then I rage quit. Yeah I do that more than once.

Anyways, its still nice to know that D3 is beyond fix, and Blizzard is now officially dead to me. You might got my $60, but thats the last you will ever get from me.

TL;DR - Being not able to dodge attacks are like playing games in 90s. Whoever decided to implant such feature is beyond retarded.

I did cover this in Itemization - Point #4 (Unavoidable Damage forces gear requirements)

09/29/2012 04:02 PMPosted by CoolHandLuke
Because of the way Hit Detection works, some attacks cannot be dodged.

It is immensely frustrating. On my first play through I noticed this in A1 right away. It was one of the very first things to detract from gameplay. At first I thought it was a bug, until I read on the forums in a Blue post that it is intentional.
Ah I missed it. I also read that blue post, and it is then i realized this game is beyond fix... they don't even know what they are doing. And worse yet, they even come up with some lame excuses to defend this nonsense. I'd be happier if they simply said "our system is somewhat flawed with the hit detection so this cannot be changed".

Anyways I should hide back in shadows, and i wish all d3 players have fun while it lasts!
09/29/2012 07:34 PMPosted by Overkill
But after reading that long and boring post of yours, you do sound like you wanted D2 all over again. Okay so D3 sucks. Go play D2 then. Its still available.

Nope, we want D2++, not D2 all over again. You don't quite get our point. SC2 is like SC1++
Warcraft3 is like Warcraft2++, but D3 is like WoW++. Does any of you notice something is wrong there?
This forum needs more posts like the OP.
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09/29/2012 03:58 PMPosted by CoolHandLuke
Skill Synergies

I was hoping that the paragon system would bring this back in some way so there's more of a focus on skill distribution playing the key role in how well you deal damage, instead of a DPS/weapon based system. Imagine 100 skills points you can distribute to buff skills of your choice!!
Well thought out. You hit the nail right on the head.
"Diamond and skull gem"

Why Does NO ONE ever remember the saphire omg!
I'm interested in hearing any arguments.

"Your gear sucks and thus you suck as well by association"

"Go play Pony Adventure Quest 7; it is better suited to your infantile mentality"

That sort of thing.

I don't think the flame kiddies are in the same league as you. Trying to debate you would wind up making them look Very bad. lol
It's also hard to flame someone when what they've posted is spot on....
Thanks for the insightful and enjoyable reading experience dear OP. Well written!
09/30/2012 03:49 PMPosted by XecutorZ
Why Does NO ONE ever remember the saphire omg!


LOL my bad. We just want Life/Mana Steal from Skulls and All Res from Diamond.

Sapphires would be nice to boost Mana. Unfortunately the development team is dead set on keeping every class locked in at 100 Mana (yet another limiting factor). WD's are kind of screwy, but their resource costs scale with their Mana pool...why even bother?
A big +1 to ya buddy...

Why don't people like this work for blizz?

My favorite point was the skill synergy selection. This should be the goal of skill set ups for all classes, and therefore those of the developers.
Hope a blue copy/past's this thread to Jay wilson, wyatt cheng, the d3 devs and the rest of the team.

Pretty much summed up all my thoughts.

Only thing you didn't get into deeply was the AH/RMAH and the affect's it has on the loot.
That's what is also killing the game slowly.

1st day of 1.04, I didn't see many complaints about bad loot because every one on my friends list were linking me green/orange loot they have found. Fast forward 1 week post 1.04's inception and bam, the forum is flooded with complaints about not getting any worthy loot in hours and hours of farming.

Why did that happen? because AH was EMPTY the moment 1.04 went live. by the end of the week (infact 2-3 days), it was flooded with green/orange loot. This affected the drops and the forums were back to normal (multiple threads of how the loot is terribad)
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