Diablo® III

Worst Item On Monk Above You!

Destiny Slayer or bracers.

Hallowed set definitely had to go

I would attempt to change up the WKL for 6, 25 stats, with OS and possibly Lifesteal. Makes a ton of difference.

well, that is the best item I have looted. changing it would cost me an arm and a leg. I do know that I need to work on the MH for better survivability in higher MP levels. Thanks

as for you, consider changing to a black weapon to let the WKL shine
I can't get rid of those ballin angel weapons lol! I need better versions that's for sure, but they look soo cool. I can still do MP1 with them without much frustration. I've got shenlong's that can net me 50kdps though.

btw I think your spurs need to be switched. Maybe do Ice Climbers then do the blackthorne's belt or pants.
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you must be kidding, choosing BT belt over TWH? replace inna pants would also break my set bonuses.

Bro, you really need to learn more of this mix and match.
@ norain

not the worse item but the item that irks me the most is your ammy... I feel like I'm looking at a ring..

I'm thinking your biggest upgrade would be a new MH or an off-hand to replace your shield but that might completely change your playstyle. Everything else looks fkn stellar to be honest. I'm pretty happy with my current gear and some of your stuff would be quite massive upgrades =D Nice gear mate

I'm guessing for me, my weak point is either my gloves or my Vile Ward?
It was a suggestion. It wasn't mandatory. I only grabbed a snapshot of your gear but those spurs are weak.

I tried to get high CHC for Sixth Sense. I was just experimenting with stuff basically. Now that I have D3up I don't need to waste gold on experimentation.
u could also link it in chat and compare it in-game;)

thanks, it's actually my pvp setup and wrong mainhand.
http://d3up.com/b/232565 <- pve setup
@ Winthrop

well i wont presume to judge your gear lol since its patently a lot better than mine and anyway ive never played TR builds (sadly!)

would appreciate it if someone took a look at my crap. try not to laugh at the tal's chest w/ pickup radius, i had 0 before and i find that really irritating. At the moment it feels comfortable on MP4-5 but on 6 i dont have the health or the sustain or the defence full stop... i dont know.
Gloves. you have a nice CC but I would recommend some more CD.
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@IPMan -

I think your MH ring is the worst.

Get out of this thread, you don't belong here! (% No one will dare say you have a weak item on that Monk, at least I won't.

I would say that your weapons for higher dps should be your main focus.....looks like your ammy has enough loh....maybe trying to find a weapon with just crit dmg and socket will boost your dmg alot.....Id try to get one with life steal but expensive.....up to you.....
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If I had your gear, I'd change the Skull Grasp to a ring with average dmg, and 2 out of 3 factors (IAS, Crit chance, Crit dmg). Logic: I prefer to have higher DPS on all skills that I decide to use in my overall build, than to limit myself to FoT.

Multi-purpose > focused limitations. Besides, the ring upgrade will probably be > the 10% FoT.
@Grimlek: The ruby in your helm! A topaz would provide more MF over the life of your character, and an amethyst would provide more life. The ruby is pointless unless you're trying to hit paragon 100 ASAP, and you're not geared for TR and thus can't be racing to the finish line.

Otherwise . . . I got nothin', man.

Your boots/pants/ or bracers. 0% move speed? your nuts man I cant stand anything less than 24%

EDIT: for clarity I said boots/pants/ bracers cuz those are the slots where you can find movespeed on legendaries(aside from boots obviously)
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Your Shenlong needs and upgrade that gives you socket to slot in the Emeralds. Having CHC without decent CHD is a waste on the CHC.
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Prolly your blackthorns boots since no mainstat but solid none the less.
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