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Worst Item On Monk Above You!

@CaptainCarl hellfire ring. since i'm so jelly with it. mine never roll that god damn cc and cd pfftttt
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Decent all around gear though if I would have to pick one I would probably say the bracers. That should be the most easily upgradeable.

Any help in suggeting items for my monk would be appreciated. Any detailed advice would also be great and if you could please include what I should replace my item with and what the estimated cost might be. Thanks in advance.

wow quite the magic find set. I`ll assume you don`t really want to stray from that so I would drop the shield and go for a LOH off hand with dex and os. 48k is a little low for the LS of the sunkeeper to be really effective. That really shouldn`t cost too much. Next on the list as you level up would be inna pants or chest depending on how much you want to spend. The 2 piece bonus is very nice and your current 51k life could handle the slight drop
@Styn good choice on WKL, your profile shows 79k dps but with that you probably do about 110k. I would suggest getting some bracers with higher dexterity and 6% crit chance as well. Work on getting above 40k life. That's something I need to do as well.

upgrade your weapon gems...looks like you are on a tight budget..once you upgrade gems on wep..you won't have to upgrade again

Of course I'd get the guy with the ridiculously awesome gear. :)

With my limited knowledge I'd say your rare ring might have more XX-XX Damage on it, not that you need more Damage. Also, I don't see any +pickup radius gear. That might help just for sanity of not having to run around in circles so much.

TR build so it's hard to say. I would def try and get more cc where you can to spawn more tornadoes with SW cyclone. I would have to say your amulet.
@ doorway your in tr build so won't matter what I say but mempo get it 6 crit :)
Your pants, need 9 IaS.

Can roll higher dex and have 9 IaS so i'l say that.

Do me, do me.
@Cayzer: Your amulet...by far.

@ElysiumAB: Your chest. You need more vitality and your chest is a good place to pick it up. You could also look at getting some Strongarm Bracers...guaranteed %life would help...less damage, but you need life.
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Agreed. I'm thinking my next Hellfire ring I'll craft as Vitality. It can up my life and I'll also be able to move it to other character classes if I decide to create any.

strongarms god i hate that item

nothing all dream gear to me....lol!!!!!

Probably your amulet

I think your shoulders are the only bad item on you. Everything else is pretty solid! I'd say try saving up for a 230 dex, 70 vit, double resist wards.

Your bracers can use more crit %!
NICE Lvl100 Monk grats c;
tr or die

Definetly pants. Get a better pair.

Umm... Your gloves i guess. Hard to say since you're only 18 lvl
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@Clequa left ring.

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