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Worst Item On Monk Above You!


Top of the tree build, impossible for me to fault. Only suggestion is to try a FOT helm like mine but it would cost you 50 resist.

I think you now most of yout item can be improved but I think a new EF is in order and better rings can also be had relatively cheap

Another top build, nats ring upgrade maybe? too lazy to run through a calculator to see what you would need to offset that 30-61 damage you have on your present ring.

PS Love the chest, very nice.
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@oldman I love your ammy, nice gear all around.

Your worst item is probably the nats boots. Next upgrade would be ditching the resist in favour of more vit/dex.

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Real low on dex. I'd have to say that belt should go next.

Damn your monk is epic.. Perhaps you could change your bracers.. you can get more attack speed? :D

So i'm left with the unenviable task of trying to pick out your worst peice? Maybe when 1.05 comes out, you can upgrade your board to roll out +FoT instead. Until then, I really cant see what to upgrade without dumping huge amounts of gold, so lets just say I fail!


actually you just conveniently missed me.


i wont say your helm is the worst item, but i think you could do with more dex on your helm.

Your helm, what a bad random roll... heath globes...
Get rid of that shield and start duel wielding like a real monk

your pants really need to changed man...
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01/05/2013 11:47 PMPosted by Stratia
Get rid of that shield and start duel wielding like a real monk

No thanks, I need the EHP.
Good luck Kornkills
I would change your right ring. You can get a better one and it wouldnt even cost really much.
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Well, your right ring and you ammy definitely need to be changed, you can lose resists on both of those and be absolutely fine seeing as how your all res is over 900, i would definitely go for cc on both and then you can switch your sweeping winds to the more popular cyclone build.
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The ammy, squeeze out a bit more DPS and add LOH to it. Solid Shen user no doubt!

Damn you're rolling in the good stuff, I'd say replace your tal'rasha's with something a bit more defensive, your resistances are abit low. ;P

Probably need LS on the main hand and also one more socket on the armor?
@ Maharishi

I would look into upgrading to a Witching Hour belt or possibly upgrading your ammy for a balance of dex/vit and maybe some more Crit Dmg.

I like your Monk! :)

Well, theoretically there's a max chc, chd and ias for every slot, so there's probably always SOME room left for improvement, but my guess is you'll have a hard time finding any.

According to D3up your "worst" item is the vile ward, which accounts for only 2.7% of your DPS. Put personally I'd say you're done :P gratz, go and make a new char now ;)
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