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Worst Item On Monk Above You!

@violentine since terminus skipped you

your setup does seem very well balanced. added cc on your helm and wrist would be nice but i don't think it'll be worth what you'll end up paying.

instead i would suggest some changes to your build. having owe seems a bit of a waste since you only have one item with elemental resist. swap this out with combo strike and sss with either Deadly Reach (foresight) or WotHF (blazing fist). DR should boost your dps close around 200. WotHF will bring your dps to around 180 while increasing your IAS to better proc LoH.

if you're ubering, swap SSS with BoH and OWE with Near Death Experience.

my thanks to @violentine, yahhaur and terminus for your kind words.

skip to @terminus please.
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I'm not super experienced, but possibly duel wielding over 2hander could be beneficial. You seem to be geared for MF in terms of your rings, but I would replace these in order to increase damage if you want to go that route.

Inna radiance. The INT just does not fits well.
Try one with 6%CC with...... more armor?
Or you want to save up for a CC mempo as you got a 3-piece bonus over the inna, dropping one should be ok :hehe:

actually i am still finding on AH for a better 1 or same with 191dex 92vit 80 all resis ( da int roll just happened to be there ) and 6%.. but can't seem to find it yet on ah and mempo cost 2bil which is kinda overprice for me i tink... LOL so kinda looking around before upgrading
pants or the boots.
pants could have high vit, boots could have vit.
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Solid gear choices but the Immortal Kings stand out. It's a nice pair but the lack of IAS on gloves hinder it besides having 300+ Life Regen which can make up for the lack in Vit.

What can I say? You obviously have your monk exactly where you want him. I have to admit I have looked at your monk a few times as an "end-game" monk to base my upgrades upon. You obviously went for high LOH with high APS, I want to go for high LS with a little LOH. Any reccomendation I give, you would be sacrificing something else. All you can do is get the same item with a little better stats, like a mempo with 6 cc (which will cost you 1.5-2 bil, lol)

Very nice monk!

I'd say your first weapon but really nice monk.
Get that skullgrasp gone or find a few items with CC chance and you will be a more potent monk.
GL out there

I would say your bracers, low CC and low vit, nice gear tho :)

Very, very nice monk! You have all the right stats in the right places - as you're certainly well aware, you're now mostly looking to squeeze out slight improvements to those numbers.

I think the place you'd get the best bang for the buck is in getting a WKL with a better +ltg dmg roll. It's the one weaker roll I've seen on your gear. Other than that - well done!
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We have quite similar monks in term of DPS. I am myself too an ex arcane monk :)
But I decided to let go of OWE (for further "possible" trouble), and go fleetfooted because i lost the %mvt speed when i switched from Nat combo to ice climbers + hellfire ring 9 (i use it farming, does not appear in my profile atm)
Anyway I would say that it depends where you want to go, more dps or more ehp.
I would suggest more HP, so try to fing several %life.
If you prefer more DPS, clearly your nat ring is to be changed. As it costs a LOT when you go +CHC, i would suggest a better ring than Unity (since you have quite good sustain from your OH) and maybe time to change your MH.
Anyway, you seem to be on a good way :)

not a bad build, but i'd definitly change some pieces of your gear.
Firstly, blackthornes belt does not give you a lot of dmg so maybe you should get a witching hour or a inna's favor.
Secondly, i'd go with gloves with AR or any res.
Thirdly, i'd certainly go with inna's temperance for the pants cuz it rockets up your dmg

Some other things to change but they're not major facts, as your echoing fury, i'd go with one that already has CHD
@Thebrys- solid monk! Would say if you could find a WH w higher dex and lightning resist would boost you a bit. Also, seeing what diff a non crit mempo would do might be beneficial if not for anything but EHP.
@bapdawg110 - IKER? First monk I've seen using this :D IMO (without knowing why youre using it) i'd say this could be replaced by a better rare, or even a Blackthorne Surcoat ( decent dex and 200+ vit are not too expensive). You'd keep your res and get dmg reduction too.

Good looking gear for the most part. I would say your Nats ring could use a higher crit chance and overall some pieces like Vile ward could use more vitality, but overall I like the resist all and damage :)
@thcheesy. Very hard to say which item is ur worst.. But I would try to stack more AR and vit.. Also ur weapons are too slow.. U can get an EF for cheap these days.. It would boast ur dps a lot ..
@Guts, honestly I do not know what your weakest item is. I would LOVE to have any one of those drop. Sorry for not being much help, I am not the best at judging items...Dang nice monk!!
@punk hazard

Your items are balanced, hard to say which one is the worst, but i think the vile wards, in my opinion more hp would help you, and in that case some more vit on shoulder would be nice, there are some rares with double resist, similar dex, and vit, or life%, i think some of this rare would be better for you in that slot, or the vile ward with vit if you can afford it.

im an EU player, so here is my profile:
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I'm new to monks, so I might be missing something, but maybe your main hand weapon? Something similar but higher DPS, and swap out the lightning damage for a black weapon, so it gets impacted by the offhand 6% to lightning? or does the lightning damage stack with the "lightning skills deal 18% more damage" even though it isn't a skill?

Your rare ring would be great if you could swap out the thorns for CD or AS.

Edit: Thanks Mellow. I haven't even unlocked Inferno with my monk yet, I'm just messing around for now, and at this point, I'm overpowering everything so my build doesn't matter much, meaning I can just toy with everything.

Also, my gear was mostly stuff I found on other characters. I haven't actually planed my build/gear out yet.
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I'm going to skip your gear and let you know that sweeping wind -> cyclone is not giving you any benefits with your ChC being as low as it is. I would change that rune out!
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