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Worst Item On Monk Above You!

@Duelist I'd say either your belt or your Shoulder's. You are losing so much dps from either, a WH would be a 10k+ DPS upgrade, a 200+ Dex Vile Ward would be about 5k dps upgrade. You can afford to lose a little bit of the life on either piece to gain extra dps. After that, yeah your gems in your weapons. You are missing out on 30% CD on each, and that's about 5k+ dps in each slot.
magic ring
@datus, ammy


Im going to say belt or ring, not sure if your stacking that much res for upcoming pvp testing but seems like you have alot of room for losing some AR for dps and other stats, WH would probably be good for the AS/CHD
@Vindemiatrix gloves

I would say boots would be the one item to upgrade, you should be able to get more dex and keep similar stats

I'd say that its either your gloves, which lacks iAS, or bracers.
Welp, never done this before, but why not.

Fluffy your union device ring may be serving some purpose I can't figure out but it stick out to me

To my evaluator: yeah, it's a cheap TR build :P
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Inna's Favor. That Int roll is killing you softly. ^_^
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@ Vincent

I'll just make a couple observations. It looks like you have a butt-load of Vit so you might think about trading some of that out for Dex. Since you're rocking the TR build any damage increase will help you with one-shotting while you keep moving!. Also, I found that having a little added Pickup Radius helps a LOT.

It's a dead heat between the belt and the amulet. Just because belt stats don't give much DPS I'm gonna give it to the amulet.
@ Karandor

your helm probably is the weakest link.
Your nata ring and amulet can do better also

I would have to say i dislike your litany the most, that might just be because ir eally dont like that ring in the first place though.

Next i would probably go with your bracers since the dex is so low.

Your ammy could use a higher damage range? From my point of view you have pretty gg loot. I'm having trouble figuring out what would be the cheapest/most noticable upgrade on my monk right now, so any help would be appreciated :)
i'd go first with a WH as belt to grant your dmg.... i'd also get a lot more crit chance on overall gear, usually on bracers and rings... i also don,t like your hellfire ring at all

and finally your chest isn't really good except for base stats... you should get armor and more res

anyways, you seem to be on the good way definitly
Maybe grab some trifecta gloves put another boost on that dps
some Cdmg on the ammy too

very nice otherwise lol i still consider myeslf an amateur monk any help appreciated

Pretty nice looking monk. Equipment wise Id say that your Inna's pants could use some love. Great dex roll but zero in the EHP department. Upgrade gems when you can swing it.

Nice monk, if anything maybe one of those rings...
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