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Worst Item On Monk Above You!


Yea my ammy is garbage - sold all my good ones though when I heard lvl63 on jewels in 1.5. So i'm stuck with this for now.

For you, all your gear is good. All works together well.

You could:

Replace belt with witching (BT + 6 doesn't seem worth it for set bonus or do you notice it?)

Or grab a helm with vit + socket.

Might have to drop the AR but can easily replace with secondary res to get socket + vit instead.

Good luck.
Kranix1 I'll go ahead and review you since that BossRigs guy's gear is hopeless ;). I noticed you don't have any items with pickup radius-- I've personally found it super helpful when i'm melee'ing to not have to worry about chasing down health globes. If I had to pick one item, it would probably be your belt. There are a few rare belts with more dex/vit/resists, though I suppose you could always go the glassier route and pick up a witching hour!


They all look awesom!!!
@ jjuong

Probas the glove but you're gear is lightning so does it matter? probably not much.

Shoulders, or Belt.

I'd upgrade that amulet next, get better crit chance and some crit damage on it.

@kreyzie probably for crystal fist or your ammy? both kinda seem to drop the ball when it comes to dps
@ Albert

Nice stuff, there are a few items I would change -

gloves - good crit %, but need attackspeed and CD - but these are really expensive as you may know already.

boots - be really good to have movement speed

overall, gloves would be better to change up.
@ dvtn

Everything looks good, probably the ammulet, same stats with crit dmg %.

Oh, and might as well get some life steal on the weapons since ur DPS is pretty decent.

MOst likely i would say the ring Signet Fervor
@mcbeave your rings... you will get more dps from high or avg dmg i think or ias

If your still gunning for lvl grinding i guess get A leoric signet worth it for now
me pls

If your still gunning for lvl grinding i guess get A leoric signet worth it for now

over priced atm, hellfire ring already comes with 35% exp and takes like bout 90mins to get 1 once 1.05 comes out signets will be worth 0 soon.

bracers, high stats but all res bracers would be nice so u can drop owe

or boots, 200 mil ice climbers with 12% move speed more stats and all res
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bracers, high stats but all res bracers would be nice so u can drop owe

lol my boots were actaully the cheapest 15m. looking for better bracers but takes time to find in ah.
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