Diablo® III

Worst Item On Monk Above You!

@phonomenon chest
@coasterMan hard to say.. i'll go belt
@ coco

Last part at the moment if you still want to grind:) + leoric + hellfire = gg xp more hehe

I'll go with your Andy's helm. Not that it's bad, per se, but I never could understand non-poison Monks that go for the Andy's. That X% More Fire Damage Taken affix is a real bummer for a melee class - molten is enough OP as is, you hardly need to hurt yourself any more.
@Jimmy9136 - chest (wrong resist) & ring (wrong res & no primary)
Please rate my monk. Want to know worst item(s) that I should drop immediately. Thanks
@Elcarim..pretty solid build

I say go for glove.. you can get higher IAS and critical chance on glove to boost your dps further ( try get similar stat possible :) ) ...my 2cent

Your helm isn't bad, but it isn't good either, lacking a socket, crit chance OR FoT/Sweeping bonus to make it really good. Shoulders could use Vit.

I would seriously consider switching around weapons too. That spear is really weighing you down.
@superpope, ur outcast ring could use abit of work
@Kookie the pants could use more stats on em, or some extra resist all.
@ BillyBob That Lacuni is pretty bad, but i think the chest needs the most improvement
@Manhanz - I'd say your belt

I'd say your bracers

Nice to see someone with a really nice Arcane Resist setup. That is the resist I chose as well.
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Your chest!
get some sockets on that chest

Your gear is great before you have to get into legendaries/set pieces. I know how it is gear up specific pieces for your monk and I know it is hard getting double resists on pieces. Probably your chest piece or legs could use more Dex. Upgrades from what you have now will cost a lot. :)

PS: Get your gems upgraded too!
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I really hate being skipped.. i need some feedback.

I would say Your chest armor or your amulet. I see that you only have 28k life. Maybe boosting your life in amulet or chest armor would work better.

phew, yours are pretty good but i think that chest is the weakest point.
@ Lordarabije

I'd say your jewelry are your worst pieces, these are used to maximize dps so I would look at getting them with high avg dmg, dex, crit chance of 4+, anything else is extra. I wouldn't use those weapons you have either, You'll get much better dps going with weapons with crit dmg 80+ with a socket.
@stealth - shoulders
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