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What's the best monk weapons?

I'm curious about what the best monk weapons are. I'm not really interested in using a shield. I can always toss one on if I have an unlucky group(s). I'm interested mostly in maximizing my dps for speed clearing a3.

Should I get 2 good 1h'ers, a good 2h'er, or the shenlong's set?

My 2nd question: Is the shenlong's set worth it if you don't have 200 mil to blow? It seems like the 130 dex and some proc for the set seem pretty mediocre compared to just buying two 1100+ weapons with dex and a socket for 10 mil. Is there something really cool about the set that missing?
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If you can get something like this then I think it's the best.

Fist weapon:

High end DPS > 1000dps
90%+ Crit Hit Dmg
2%+ Life steal or 800+ LoH
150+ Dex
9%+ ias
OS = Gem it with a 90% or 100% Crit Hit Dmg.

But 200mil will not get you this.

Shenglong are great but make sure you get one with OS and 900+ dps.
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try looking for echoing fury with 1100+ dps with over 150dex and OP should be pretty cheap na dgood for dps increasing
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mmm yeah just checked those not cheap in any way
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The best monk one hander in terms of DPS is an open socket Echoing Fury. The other off hand can be a rare or legendary.

Shenlongs are okay, but as Krazysong said, you have to get a pair with open sockets and both need to be above 600 average damage - that means 900+ dps.

In fact, an open socket 1100+ dps Echoing Fury together with a 900+ dps open sickle Butcher's Sickle should be cheaper than their Shenlong counterparts.
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I like WKL. I like the way it looks, I like the animation. The 25% Skill Damage and Lightning Damage is a bonus. >_^
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Look at whats Mcbooty has on and tell me if you are interested... (he should have his fists on)
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What is WKL ?
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PDPS wise EF is the best.
EDPS wise WKL is the best.

At the very highest end spectrum, EF+Rare will be the best of both PDPS and EDPS since WKL's dps ceiling is so low.
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01/12/2013 12:02 PMPosted by Zooze
What is WKL ?

Won Kuo Lai or however you spell it. It's a fist weapon that increases lightning damage done by a LOT. Has a few other nice perks too, but I can't find one decent enough to replace my monks weapons.
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best weapon really depends on your budget:

<300m: LS skorn
300m-2b: ef+wkl
2b+: 2 rares
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