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Got Torchlight 2 this weekend

It's good. I like the feel of the combat, it's feels pretty good. A bit slow (Other than the super run speed), but predictable and stable.

To me it falls short of being a competitor for D3, however.

The skill system seems fine, but a bit boring to me. (Feels dated, if anything). I don't get a rush out of adding a 4th skill point to a skill that increases 3% power each skill point, so I tried saving up every skill point from lvl 1 so I could point-bomb a skill I unlock at lvl 7, but they're too smart for that and force you to spend your early skill points on early skills. (Which I found ALL underwhelming with the one exception of extending range for my Outlander)

Stat points, etc. I see no gameplay advantage or real character distinction through assigning them. I'd say it's equivalent to D3s (Entirely missing) attribute assignment. I simply don't care whether it's there or not.

On the plus side, I like the Outlander FAR more than I like DH in D3. The items are also pretty neat, in that you're CONSTANTLY getting new upgrades. Seems good, although I found it almost overwhelming in that I had to regularly check my inventory to see if one of the several magic items I've found are worth using.

So in short, it's a good game. I gave it about 3 hours of playing, I'll probably play it when I get bored of D3 sometime.

But equal/better than D3? Not even close.
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They don't force you to spend skill points on anything. Progression seems to work on every 3 levels. So if you have 4 or 5 skills you're wanting to advance from the higher levels, you're going to need banked points.

As to stat points, if you didn't see the distinction and diversity they allow, please take a second look. Currently, I'm running a STR + DEX focus shotgonne using outlander for max crit chance and hit power. Later, I'll probably run a dual DEX + FOC Outlander, to have a good chance at doing quad damage frequently. Vit is the least interesting, which I find kinda humorous after D2, though I'd still dump points in it for a sword 'n board.
Dex/Focus Outlander is a pretty fun and powerful build.My build is shaping up like this http://blackrabbit2999.blogspot.com/2012/09/torchlight-2-outlander-focus-build-guide.html I'm not bothering with the flaming glaives,I'm taking stone pact instead any Outlander should have.it.
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Like all games of this type, it takes some time before the fun really kicks off. Thankfully you level super quick and can hit 20 in no time. By that stage you should have your class fighting nearly the way you want.

I feel sorry for those who play it for a few min or a few hours then dump it in the bin. Any game withe a leveling system, you need to spend some time on it unfortunately. Iv tried all 4 classes for a bit and decided to stick with the wiz. Its a good way to start.

D3 combat is pretty fun in that it feels like you actually hit something in the face. TL2 it just kinda falls over dead. In saying that, TL2 just feels better. The fact you can MOVE and ATTACK at the same time is just awesome and one of the reasons I don't understand why the classes in D3 have to stand still to fight. Not to mention you can actually dodge.

With loot, play the harder settings. You will find the upgrades really do come in handy and sometimes are not even enough to get you past that boss or dungeon. You can seriously get owned. It makes all those upgrades actually feel rewarding. Something D3 lacks.

I like both and play both. But TL2 is way ahead in game play.
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But equal/better than D3? D3 doesn't even compare.

There fixed that for you
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