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Expansion Idea: Diablo 3: Adria's Revenge

I have been reading some of the earlier posts, and a lot of people have posted their ideas on what the Expansion should be about. So, naturally, I thought I’d post my own Expansion idea. I really would be interested to see what a Blizzard employee thinks of my idea, it would be greatly appreciated. ;D

Expansion Idea:
Diablo 3 Expansion: Adria’s Revenge

Scene 1: Tyrael visits the Nephalem and says that Adria must be brought to justice for her role in recent events. The Nephalem agrees. Adria appears before Tyrael and the Nephalem in an astral projection.
Adria says something like: “So Nephalem, I hear that you are looking for me, planning to bring me to justice. Well, you’ll never find me! I’m deep within Hell. The only way you’ll be able to enter Hell is if you find the Renegade-Demon and ask for his help. And then obtain the Scepter of Evil, because that is the only thing that can destroy me now. But you’ll never do any of that! Ha Ha Ha!”

After Adria’s astral projection is gone, Tyrael says:
“I think our best chance of finding Adria would be to search Hell. And to do that we’ll need the help of the Renegade-Demon. And if things are as I suspect, Adria has grown so powerful that only the Scepter of Evil will be able to destroy her. We’ll need to obtain that.”
The Nephalem agrees.

Scene 2:
Tyrael, exclamation mark above his head, explains to the Nephalem his mission.
Tyrael says: “Last I heard the Renegade-Demon was reeking havoc in the labyrinths in Irvine. However, the road from here to there is overrun with grass and weeds, so, you’ll have to journey 40miles beneath the surface through the Grim-Reaper Caverns.
The Nephalem agrees.

Scene 3:
While killing all the beasts, creatures, and beings encountered down in the Grim-Reaper Caverns, 40miles beneath the surface, the Nephalem encounters a beautiful, buxom woman, weeping.
The woman says: These are the Grim-Reaper caverns, no one has ever left here alive. If you’re planning to exit the caverns on the Irvine side, you’re going to run into a huge pack of angry men. It seems I promised to sleep with a few of them, and instead of sleeping with them, I stole their wallets. They organized a search party, to kill me, and I ran in here because I knew they wouldn’t chase me down here. If you want to get past them, take this sack of gold and tell them you found it on the dead body of a woman, they’re sure to let you pass.”
The Nephalem agrees.

Scene 4:
The Nephalem exit’s the Grim-Reaper caverns and kills the entire search party of angry men.

Scene 5:
After killing all the beasts, creatures and beings encountered in the labyrinths at Irvine, the Nephalem meets the Renegade-Demon.
The Renegade-Demon says:
“So, you want my help to enter Hell, and you want me to tell you where the Scepter of Evil is, huh? Well, I’ll help you if you help me. If you can find a way to transform me into a full-fledged human, I’ll help you enter Hell and tell you where the Scepter of Evil is.”
The Nephalem Agrees.

Scene 6:
Tyrael appears. Tyrael and the Nephalem work to transform the Renegade-Demon into a Human.
Tyrael speaks these prophetic words to the Nephalem: “The Renegade-Demon is so treacherous he not only betrays everyone he comes in contact with, he’s even betrayed the Lords of Hell. That’s why he’s known as the Renegade-Demon.

Scene 7:
The Renegade-Demon (now a Human) leads the Nephalem into Hell. Then he leads the Nephalem to the long lost Scepter of Evil.
As the Nephalem is unearthing the long lost Scepter of Evil, the Renegade-Demon (now a Human) says this: “Are you sure you want to unearth that thing? I mean, whoever wields the Scepter of Evil will become the Lord of Hell. And the Scepter will bestow unimaginable evil power upon whoever wields it. Are you sure you want to take this to Adria? I mean, it sounds to me like Adria is just trying to kill two birds with one stone. Have you bring her the Scepter of Evil, take it from you and then kill you.”
Interpreting the Renegade-Demon’s words as the prelude to a betrayal, the Nephalem kills the Renegade-Demon (now a human)(now a corpse).
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Scene 8:
After killing all the beasts, creatures and beings encountered in Hell the Nephalem finally encounters Adria.
Adria says something like: “So, Nephalem you’ve finally found me. But it was all for naught. I’m so powerful now the only thing that can destroy me is the Scepter of Evil. But, you don’t have that, do you?”
The Nephalem proudly holds aloft the Scepter of Evil and says:
“I have it right here! And now its time for you to die, Adria.”
Adria says something like: “Did you get the Renegade-Demon to activate it for you? It won’t work unless its been properly activated. And to do that you‘ll need to perform the proper ritual.”
The Nephalem looks at the Scepter of Evil and shakes it, muttering something like: “Not work?”
Adria says: “I can activate it for you. It’d be a shame for you to travel all the way to Hell and not get a chance to use the Scepter of Evil against me, because without it you don’t stand a chance. Fortunately I‘m well versed in all the most abstruse arcane ancient rituals.”
The Nephalem agrees.

Scene 9:
Adria says: “First we’ll need to draw a pentagram.”
Adria draws a pentagram on the ground.
The Nephalem says: “Isn’t there supposed to be a circle around it?”
Adria says: “Yes. To make it a pentacle. I was just getting to that.”
Adria draws the circle.
Adria says: “Now, we’ll need a few candles. Bring me those candles from over there. And place one at each point.”
The Nephalem gets the candles and places them at each of the five points.
Adria says: “Now, hand me the Scepter of Evil.”
The Nephalem eyes Adria suspiciously, and says; “hey wait just a second! Don’t the candles need to be lit?”
Adria says: “oh yes! Silly me. We would have been standing here for hours wondering why the Ritual wasn’t working.”
Adria uses her magic to light the candles, then extends her hand for the Scepter of Evil.
The Nephalem hands Adria the Scepter of Evil.

There’s some thunder and some smoke and a few explosions, and Adria is suddenly as large as a Giant, and bursting with evil power.
Adria says: “Ha ha ha! Nephalem fool! The Scepter of Evil was the only thing that I lacked. And you found it and brought it to me! And now I am a being of truly cosmic proportions! I am the most powerful being there ever was and you will never defeat me.”
The Nephalem defeats Adria.

Closing Scene:
The Nephalem looks at the scepter of evil and says:
“Stupid Scepter of Evil.”
The Nephalem hurls the Scepter of Evil.
The Scepter of Evil is seen flying through the air, tumbling over and over and over.
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How about they improve the story of this diablo 3 and its game play before they even hope to make an expansion. I expected far more from the lord of lies belial and got a predictable villain instead. Maybe act 2 never ended and we murdered a child king and his guards instead... What if Tyrael never made it out of the world stone 20 years ago and is really Belial. Maybe that is the real reason why Malthael is missing...
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How about they improve the story of this diablo 3 and its game play before they even hope to make an expansion....

I often wonder why it is that they'll patch the game, change mechanics, gameplay, etc. but they won't change the story. They've already refused to give us a break from having to run through the story each play through.

Is the story "Sacred" or something?
Certainly one for the books though, a company that produces video games holds "Story" to be more important than the actual Video game. the Video game can be changed thousands of times, changed again and again for decades, but the story can't be altered at all, not once, not one line.
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this is hilarious
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