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TL2 Boring already

Wrong. The Schaefer Bros and Matt Uelmen are the only ones who worked on D2. It's like saying StarCraft II is made by Westwood because Dustin Browder worked on Red Alert 2 and Generals.

That doesn't change the fact that TL2 rips off D2 big time: almost identical gameplay, similar combat, similar story, similar settings, similar soundtrack by the same composer, attempts at similar atmosphere... Aside from the (underused) cartoony aesthetics and a few gimmicks here and there, it's D2 all over again, albeit nowhere near as memorable. And I didn't even like D2 to begin with!

Seeing an indie game playing it so safe is just depressing. :(

uhh.. seriously? go do some research. -_- Schaefer bros and matt uelman are the only ones who worked on D2...? yeah okay I know there's a team of people behind it but they aren't the only key people.
Hrm.. when a big company rips your idea off yet you're able to produce a whole new game (and it is indeed a whole new game unless you're going to tell me a 2D Diablo2 game is equivalent to a 3D rendition of Torchlight?) then it's not really a copy especially when the main idea came from their own heads to begin with.

Gameplay may be identical... identical to D3, Drakensang Online, Sacred?, Path of Exile, like.. seriously lmao what ARPG where you don't click and press 1234567890? oh wait those free to play ones that aren't isometric view locked like all the games just said.
Might as well say they all ripped off of ultima online and diablo1 lol. hahah

I dn't even know what you mean by similar atmosphere, if it's bleak and dark and gloomy yeah that's the entirety of the fame of Diablo2 which Torchlight 2 has, it's just the color scheme seems to bug everyone for unknown reasons lmao yet there's like millions playing WoW.

best line ever from level 90 friend playing WoW MoP "Lol haha yeah torchlight2 looks a bit like WoW sidebyside"

you think seeing a indie play it so safe is depressing?
jesus what do you have here then with d3?
10million copies sold yet more then 50% of that population thinks it's a complete letdown for trying to "innovate" on "old implemented things" already?
By innovate I mean copy, and by old implemented things I mean ebay(RMAH,GAH), and Guild Wars 1(Mainstat & Skill experimentation), and Diablo2(theme) all mashed together, dumbed down for a 5 year old and of course no PvP because it's too serious and competitive.

Oh I see you've completed the tutorial of Diablo3, welcome to the real game Inferno difficulty.
And the story of D3 is done within 5-6 hours on first play through. And you're forced to go through it on baby mode for each class/character you make.

i just finished TL2's story, took a nice 46 hours on Elite first play through. Definitely didn't feel retarded like D3 Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell just to finally play Inferno by then I was pretty much bored. 3x through same !@#$ over n over. I shoulda just used a bot for the first three runs.

Oh TL2 I got Mapworks now too, tons of different maps, D3 recycled environment over and over and over
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Then stop obsessing over Diablo III and enjoy Torchlight II.
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10/05/2012 06:20 AMPosted by JohnnyZeWolf
Then stop obsessing over Diablo III and enjoy Torchlight II.

d3 forums too fun. can't play tl2 in class, plays forumRPG3 instead.
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Might as well face it: you're addicted to hate. XD

But seriously, Runic got their own forums, you know.
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Might as well face it: you're addicted to hate. XD

But seriously, Runic got their own forums, you know.

addicted to refuting stuff but if you see that as hate you got problems.
i don't have any reason to be on runic forums other than the one post saying Good job on a game well made.
also if you can't even click the button to quote someone it's quite funny that it looks like your posts are directed at no one but i guess that's a good assumption and i'm just talking to myself here, still very laugh worthy since each response correlates to my message.
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45 hours played Im bored of TL2 already .

900 hours playing In D3 I would still play it if the loot wasnt UTTER !@#$ POO WEES

I'v read half the thread. Its gone a little off track but I have some questions.

Which of the two games felt more rewarding?
Did you enjoy the character you leveled in that time?
Have you tried another class?
Which game do you think was more interesting to level up a character?

From what iv read so far in multiple forums, people will play D3 more. However, it seems Blizz's game design is made to do just that.
- Long hours to level up just to get 1 or 2 new spells.
- Multiple runs of the same story just to get to end game content.
- Loot is designed to be so rare you need to spend endless hours killing stuff and still not have a chance to find it <big time sincs>

For me personally, Blizzard games work around the idea of Time>Rewards. Just because you play a game more doesnt mean its better.

Trine 1 and 2. Orks Must Die 1 and 2. Dungeon Defenders. Defence Grid. Portal 2. All of these are examples of games that didn't get all that many hours but the Reward>Time was better. These games where tons of fun. If I get 45 hours out of TL2 and its a ton of fun, its worth it.

If Blizz was to release an expansion for D3 I would consider not buying it. The time investment vs fun in D3 isn't that high when you think about it. They continue to add horrible game design from the days when WoW was new which is just bad. At least Runic are trying to add fun content from level 1 onwards. Not just endgame, which lets face it, D3 fails horribly.
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