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Blue Ignores Bug & Replies To Broken English


And I can back each one up as a bug. So make a beautifully compiled list of why all my posts are not bugs and I will reply and justify each accusation. Until then, good day.

Whatever Carol, no blue will respond to your FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS on the Bug Report Forums, so keep making a show over here.

For the actual thinking posters to understand that this is just a troll, look at this "bug"
It is not a bug. It is not like it is supposed to show 6 , but the code messed up and shows only 5.
Seems it was purposely coded to show 5. It is doing what it appears it was designed to do.

Now, poor design? absolutely and glad to see they are looking for a way to show more.

Blues get crapped on for not responding.
now blues get crapped on because they responded to someone else's besideds yours.

lol, people will complain.

Point being, there are tons of people on this forum for whom English is a second language and it doesn't make their thoughts any less valuable. There's no reason for Blues to avoid threads just because of broken English.

Has nothing to do with racism.

"Racism" is a bit more concise than "Prejudism against people from non-english speaking countries". Not quite the same thing, of course, but it's hard to distinguish when your post is 2 words long :)

"Racism" is a bit more concise than "Prejudism against people from non-english speaking countries". Not quite the same thing, of course, but it's hard to distinguish when your post is 2 words long :)

Semantics. Disqualified.

Feel better?

@OP, we generally have about 20,000 threads about serious issues long before a blue acknowledges that they are looking into the feedback. Whether that's because it takes that long to get actual attention or that's just the apparent threshold before the repetition is enough to convince them it's worth a comment, we don't know. I'm just glad that they're providing feedback on a VERY serious game issue, and I think we're all lucky that Blues don't ignore posts with spelling and grammar errors.
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Really? What is the point of posting these reports like human beings instead of third world broken English children?

I like the part where he says all human beings write in perfect English, throwing everyone else into a lower caste. Probably not his intention, but stinks of prejudice.
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It's not unusual for multiple threads about a given topic to all be active at the same time. In those situations, we will often reply to one thread and track it, and sometimes we'll follow-up in other threads with a link to our response. If we don't happen to reply to your thread (and instead reply to another thread that's very similar to yours), don't swear it. It's not a slight or anything like that; it's just not feasible for us to respond to every single thread that exists about a specific topic, so we try to consolidate whenever we can.

Also, just as a sort of general FYI, any posts that we track will appear in the "Latest Blizzard Posts" section in the main forum menu. Normally, we only try to track posts that address game-related questions or concerns, or ones that provide important new information. So, if there's a specific topic you're interested in, definitely take a look at our BlizzTracker, as we may have already responded to that topic in another thread.

That said, as many players have pointed out, your posts about buff icons were in the Bug Report forum, which is monitored and moderated by our Quality Assurance department. While we've done it in the past, it's extremely rare for us community managers to respond to posts in that forum. Usually, we'll address feedback about the game in one of our discussion forums (like General), since those are the forums under our purview.

I have been posting the little things in the game that have been irking me recently. I have placed them in the bug report forum and even put as much information as I could into said posts. Without of course making them sound ridiculous.

In general, if you have feedback about the way something in Diablo III is designed, drop it one of our discussion forums. This can include everything from talking about why you don't like a certain feature, to how you'd like to see a mechanic improved, to suggesting new things to add to the game.

On the flip side, if you believe that feature or mechanic isn't behaving correctly according to how it was designed, then definitely place that in our Bug Report forum. Our QA reps may not always respond to every post, but they do catalog your reports and pass them on to our development team.
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