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Sweeping Wind suggestion

They should increase the radius of sweeping wind with the health globe/gold pick up radius bonuses on your gear.
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i guess you should apply this suggestion to mantras too.
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It'd make more sense on mantras. Applying pickup radius to aoe damage spells while an interesting idea would likely be too strong.
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SW is already so strong, I feel like Jay Wilson will take it away from us. Let's hope he forgets about us unless he makes our healing % based in 1.1. You don't want too much attention from JW, look at wizard.
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I rarely find any monks using daibos, and increasing the range for a skill that inflicts steady damage may encourage the use of two handed weapons. Moreover, I think this improvement will promote two-handed weapon usage because Inna's set is already fit with a daibo.

Secondly, ranged characters are very powerful once geared, such as the demon hunter with multishot. Enemies are killed very quickly at ranges farther than melee range, and their demon power skill grants life leech for additional survival. Melee characters' attack ranges are confined to a small area around them because they lack projectiles; exceptions granted to barbs that possess tremendous mobility through leaps, chain whips, wrath of the berserker's speed increase, and non-collision whirlwind that brings the attacks to the enemies. I suppose monks have the same abilities through that flashing dash and cyclone strike, but cyclone strike does not affect elites and fists of thunder: thunderclap allows a diminished version of dash.

Overall I just think the radius of sweeping wind is small on screen, and monks lack offensive abilities worthwhile at inferno level difficulty. The "endless tide" that the monk talks about is more like a splash on the screen.
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I don't think it makes much sense to improve the strongest monk skill... especially when blizzard is aiming to increase build diversity. Besides, what the radius doesn't cover, the cyclones do.

If Blizz is going to make improvements, put in more offensive passives, or improve the borderline useful ones to the point that it can even compete with the strongest ones we already have.
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I still stand with this suggestion as an improvement to build and gear diversity. For example, try using sweeping wind with deadly reach. The sweeping wind area is outside of the deadly reach attack range. There is a gap between the edge of the sweeping wind and the tip of the deadly reach pole. I lose dps using deadly reach because I'm attacking enemies outside of my sweeping wind. Thunderclap intrinsically brings you closer to enemies by virtue of the teleport. Sweeping wind has synergy with thunderclap, whereas deadly reach is conflicting with sweeping wind that results in lost dps. Increasing the radius of sweeping wind would remedy this problem because it brings the edge of sweeping wind closer to the deadly reach tip. This change would not be imbalanced because the cyclones from critical strikes still originate from the character and migrates away from the monk. The damage of sweeping wind doesn't increase with the radius either. You could even tie this suggestion with the rune that increases sweeping wind radius for some fun and wonky results.
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More thoughts?
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uh, why?
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In no way shape or form will increasing one of our most powerful abilities increase build diversity, it's actually making it worse. All you're doing is making sweeping winds a gauranteed ability in every single build. To increase build diversity you need to buff the underused skills, not increase one of the strongest monk skill that practically everyone uses.
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