Hello! I play as a monk mostly and I like my build a lot. I use 3 spirit generators, and they are all valuable in different situations. I like that there are runes on all three that help out my overall dps and that combination strike is so easy to use and such a nice damage boost. I have been playing the PTR as well and like the monster power levels. The additional monster hit points mean I can use a wider variety of spirit generator strikes and still generate spirit I use to pump my mantra and cyclone strike.

I wanted to mention this in light of all the controversy surrounding the monk class, because I realize that I am in a small minority of monks that use combo strike and I wanted to put in my two cents. I don't feel like the class is underpowered, and I hope that Blizzard doesn't make huge changes in the future, especially to One With Everything, as it would negatively effect monks quite consequentially.