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What is the Tempest Rush build?..

Could someone lay it out for me so that I could get a full understanding of the build and what it is you need to look for in gear....Thx
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my build is the most common one. Core of the build is tempest rush - tailwind, and some spirit/sec from gear and/or spells. Personally I have 4 sp/sec which is working fine. The +100 spirit passive is also a must-have. Playstyle is pretty much: hit some elites, end the fight on 250 spirit. tempest rush all the way to the next pack, or big pack of whites.

have fun :)
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Is duel wielding viable or is it a sword and board thing?
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see my post above
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the tempest rush build involves you using fast MS, maybe fleetfoot passive, some spirit regen (from either passives or mantra of healing w/ circular breathing) and using tempest with tailwind rune to run in between mobs. Your weapons dont quite matter (although slower MS somehow = slower spirit drain), you're not actually using tempest to kill, just move faster between mob packs.
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How does my creature look now? Am I going in the right direction?...
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Yeah you're looking fine. Really isnt much to the build. Some regen and you're set. If you find that you're killing too fast and therefore not filling up your full 250 spirit globe after each fight change exalted soul to chant of resonance. But if it fills up stay with exalted.

Guardian's path is nice cos you're using a 2h, but if you switch to dual weild / S&B you could probably drop it. Or switch to STI if youre dying too much.
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I just did a test run act 3 azmodan run in a public game, and it was kind of funny I left them all in the dust. With the three stack from wohf the attack speed was crazy fast .
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OP, I run a pretty cheap max MF perma tempest rush build to farm Leoric's Signet.

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I have switched to the duel wield to try this thing out. I am not sure on the runes though. I keep changing them around
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You don't need the 250 spirit passive to make it work.

I do it fine with 150.

You use tailwind as a sprint.
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Guardian's path is nice cos you're using a 2h, but if you switch to S&B you will have to drop it because it doesn't work with S&B.

Fixed that for you :)
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Thx for the help guys,I think I have it now...Any last thoughts?...
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Does tempest rush proc the most in gameplay?
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