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300+%MF with No Legendaries for over 2 weeks

I have the opposite I have been lowering my mf to kill faster, I farm act3 with 250 buffed mf and have found a legendary everyday for last 8 days only doing 2-3 siege runs. Nothing of real value but I was happy to find a 32% block stormsheild off a white mob today.

You are probably not seeing most of them, yesterday I was playing and ran into a reflects pack that I had to back up and kite them a little bit then seen a hellrack laying on the ground that I had missed.
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10/08/2012 05:00 AMPosted by AdAstrA
Anyone else, with high mf, experiencing this non existant drop rate?


I've endlessly read that the reason we nubs don't get legendary's is because our MF is too low. People with 300+MF find approx 1 legendary per full act 3 clear and a few set items per week.


Seriously though it's just how things go sometimes. I only have 180 MF after NV so I don't quite stack up to you. But even so there are times I can full clear 10 times without a legendary. More often than not I get a legendary 1 in 4 runs though.

Sets don't exist though...least not for me.
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lol it aint just about high MF.

killing !@#$ fast and doing runs repeatedly is so crucial.

The speed at which you kill something shouldn't have any effect on what it drops. Sure, killing stuff faster == more loot per hour, whatever. But I track the numbers and frequency of each drop (whites included). I see a legendary approximately every 800 item drops (whites/yellow/blue sum). Wether it takes me 2 hours or 2 days to see those 800 item drops shouldn't matter (outside of my expectation as a player/enjoying the time I spend).
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Rumor has it that if you bump your MF up to 309.5%, you'll see at least 5 legendary items per run. Hope that helps.
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Well, well, well, finally ... I can't believe it. But, i just found one! LOL And to be honest, I almost kept running past it. Only 1 neph valor, so i didn't expect one. And, I just couldn't see it on the ground. I thought, maybe I should just double back. AND maybe the powers that be saw this post and decided to grant my wish? LOL I felt like throwing a party ... that is until I IDed the item. then all I was thinkin was; fiery brimstone.



Maybe since it appears that I have made the diablo gods pay attention and grant my silly wishes ... they might consider pouring over my PVP ideas? If you you like any of them or at least enjoy the discussion, please bump my PVP thread:

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Not everyone is in the same boat as you OP

I have under 200MF and have found 7 legendaries this week. Two of those set items. Average of 1 per day.
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Never found a set item ever
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ive been farming leoric's signet with max magic find and i have not found a legendary yet.
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Try downgrading from D3 to D2 - it worked for me like a charm.

After 13k elits, and 500hrs spent on my DH, I can sum up that I found 3 set item that worth together under 20m (the whole 3!), and 3 legs that worth selling (total of 25m).

500hrs...and my legs and sets bought me a mediocre helm (I kept the set pants, as this cr@p was actually better than what I had).

Blizzard need to understand that a lot of players experience "loot starvation" although they invest insane amount of time in farming.
I clear A3 - all mobs/elits/goblins, in an endless loop. Full MF. Nada.
I think my single best sale was a rare that got me after tax 14m....how lame.
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yeap, didn't get any legandaries for a whole week and abit, then today finally dropped one.
twase a really bad shield sadly lol

running with 300+ mf after 5 stacks.
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245 with 5 stacks Finding one every 2 days or so. Nothing wrong with the drop rate.
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Magic Find as a system is an illusion. People think stacking it will yield them better drops. The RMAH negates MF. They're giving it away for free with NV and MP. Plus you can gear for it. You thinking RNG is going to swing better in your favor because of higher MF? Don't be naive.
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Have the same problem. Since the new patch, I didn't find a damn. Nothing, not even useable rare, so I do what I have been doing from the release of this game- farming gold instead of items. I know, I am minority and almost everyone have something useable every once in a while, but this is ridiculous. This game was always about rewarding drops, not useless piles of items.
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Don't listen to retards. MF is a necessity, which is why this stat is obtained permanently through leveling up, and through Monster Power. The drop system revolves around MF.

That said. I run 245% MF base. In the last 2 days, I've seen 5 legendaries. You wanna know what the secret is? Cycle through games as fast as possible. You want semi-short runs (such as Siegebreaker). Of course, this means that you need to kill quickly to be somewhat successful.

This method works because treasure is different in every game. This is told to you through the game's loading screen. Every time you create a new game, monsters/treasures/etc is different. So by playing through games more quickly, you're 'shuffling' through the loot.

btw, before I found these legendaries, I was in a major drought because I threw away my MF gear and ragequitted my DH. I went from finding amazing gear like IK Eternal Reign and Zunimassa's Journey to crap 4 affix rares 99% of the time. My former MF set had 373%. So yeah, MF is essential and if anybody EVER tells you that you don't need it, insta-ignore that person.
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I have the same problem... previously when my paragon lvls were in the lvl 30 -40 range i get awesome drops with 300 ++ mf... like an average of 1 legend per alkazier run or what u call it.

I'm running on a monk that does pretty much the same.... but for the past 1 or 2 weeks my drops have dropped to almost nothing... and i'm paragon 62 now. with enchantress mf buff i max it out easily... which comes to mind... does swapping PC really helps? Is this really a bug of sorts? I've read through ur posts and getting really mixed opinions? I cant move forward in the end game running on just rares ...
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you are part of the 1%, the edge case on the normal curve, the exception to the rule

thats how random works

enjoy :D
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Not gonna lie, even though you did find a legend, you are lvl 27 paragon. If you got to 27 paragon in 2 weeks, which is saying the most I can, that is still way to little farming to expect to find legendary items. You have to farm for a few hours at minimum with a very quick and condensed run, otherwise you find nothing. I just run the most efficient areas in act 3, which takes 20-25mins I believe. Haven't timed it yet.
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