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114k templar health?

Decided to make a meat shield out of my Templar, just cause i was bored, He actually does quite well :) And his angel thingy lass for a long time as well. He has died once, and that was with molten fast phase beasts. Still doesn't top the Enchantress and her Maximus, but at least hes not a wasted follower....


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Yah, I got quite fond of my templar after pushing his hp up to 85k. I also tried out a SkyCutter on him after getting one on drop but didn't feel like his angel summon stayed up long or did much damage so I reverted back to his SunKeeper.

He's useful as a meat shield but lately I've been using enchantress with a Maximus, since I get the armor and ASI buffs from her but also the pet acting as a tank for me.
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I also run a similar build for my Templar because he was the most useless of the three. Because his damage is bad, you should use a Band of Hollow Whispers as one of your rings. It gives him a haunt proc that deals 24k~ dps over 12 seconds. Procs about every 5-7 seconds.
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too bad monsters are hard coded to not attack followers directly
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i use templar with 120k hp mainly for procing freeze with azurewrath and his stun ability.
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I dont use my templar much i use my soundrel with MF gear. what is this angel that is talked about?
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Skycutter summons an angel, like how Maximus summons a demon
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My templar has 121k hp and around 70% damage reduction with 30% MF bonus and 28% block. My favorite follower by far and it only costed me around 7-10 million. You just have to get lucky on some good shield bids. He only dies if there's a multi aoe champ pack (molten, plague, firechains, arcane etc..)
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I usually use the Enchantress with Maximus, but I found an Azurewrath and gave it to my Templar, he's freezing a lot of the enemies now, even the Reflect damage guys. I'm going to increase his survivability, even though he's OK now, his DPS isn't all that good compared to my Scoundrel or Enchantress, but he's turning out great for crowd control with Azurewrath.
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