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@kevin i love seeing more 2h barbs, tired of the WWers everywhere. however with that gear you're dealing with i don't see tough as nails being necessary, you could easily throw on relentless, blood, or boon.. granted we don't have to bank much on zerker anymore for elite kills, having it more often just makes things faster in the long run.
@ Servindix

Nice shoulders! I've been looking for an upgrade on mine but i keep finding cheaper upgrades, how much did you spend on these??

As for your build i can see why your using Ignore Pain, but you can easily get rid of it by switching your rend rune from Lacerate to blood lust, it gives you an amazing amount of life steal which will render (hah!) ignore Pain as pointless. Instead you could replace it with a skill like Battle Rage - Marauders Rage and give yourself a 30% damage boost..

Just a hint is all..

I wasn't really sure on what to command about your barb, it is awesome. But I actually think you could improve on your gloves and maybe get some more crit? But I am not really sure if it is as important in your build.

Well, it is awesome as it is.

overall really good just work on bracers and legs nice to see a 2 handed barb every once in awhile.

for the build you might want to pick up tough as nails or superstition over nerves of steel with how much vite you have you might get more armor out of tough as nails. If you play solo and use an enchantress pick up superstition over a armor passive
@alex, i got those shoulders a while back actually pretty cheap, and the reason i stick with ignore pain is because i still have to swap a bit till i get higher paragon.. however with 1.0.5 i plan on putting rage back on, especially with the longer buff time =)

Very good set up the only piece I can see that kind of needs an big upgrade would be your chest, but you do have MF on which can explain the lower stats. Other than maybe a helm with resists you have no gear that is drastically improvable without spending hundreds of millions

You have insane crit dmg and good crit chance nice resist all, and a lot of life. You could use some more str but it is not drastic. 8/10 very solid.
Just got 4/5 IK set and need some advice as to my next upgrade.
Solid all around, with no weaknesses. I just question the use of both Revenge and Ignore Pain, that's too many defensive skills for my taste. 8/10
@batdan your gear is redic. I wish i was as rich as you
@batdan. Put a ruby in that helm -_-

Nice Stormshield. Looks like a pretty solid, all-round build.
Solid all around, with no weaknesses. I just question the use of both Revenge and Ignore Pain, that's too many defensive skills for my taste. 8/10

You would have to understand my spec which most don't. I rarely see anyone use WW who is not a nado spec. My mid range dmg is on purpose, even though my Skorn is pretty high dps for a leech one I know I am giving up possibly 30-40k dps to get the 6%, but that is alright. I use WW for dps and leech, I do not use blood funnel because the dps is low, volcano does very nice dps and my 9% leech allows very nice sustain. I used both revenge and ignore pain because I am always in the middle, no kiting, not seismic slam or leap ect. So if an elite has lava/plague arcane ect I can be in there and survive fine. Also since I have no WTOB if I am frozen and low on life I can pop ignore pain. I use this spec because it is fun and actually very effective if geared right, I actually don't understand why for almost everyone it is either tornado/sprint or no use of WW.
@HenchmanNine woah ubber set imight give it a shot n try 2handers since it seems kinda fun xP my barb is kinda newish though been playin it about month roughly...does alright in act 3 though not a AH kinda person so most of the stuff ive got on it are self dropd either on barb or dh(used to play dh). ( i have to admit i had fun in hell nightmare n normal using charge+shield so i do belive thers tons of viable FUN builds for barbs besides nado)
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@ genesis.

Not bad at all, 7/10
Try to get that hp up to match that res :)
@gusty thanks xP work in progress n_n
@gusty.......spent some time playin...good work....all i can say is more cc/cd or ias fer patch 9/10
Anyone want to rate my barb? All comments are welcome!
Rate one first then u get rated...how it workz
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