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Rate the barbarian above V6

I think perhaps you should get some ls on your belt. 8/10
Edited by Grovernors#1839 on 10/2/2012 8:24 PM PDT
Give a rating...get a rating :)
@ Grovernors

Get some better gems!

Love the stormshield though. very nice setup for s/s

Maybe a little more asi as well. 7/10
@ Nolo31

Overall 9/10. An Immortal King's Helm would do you better.
Edited by Deltmi#1712 on 10/2/2012 9:08 PM PDT
@grover........im prob not the guy to rate sword n board ......but what sticks out most to me is u have no crit chance and very lil crit damage.....fix that ull kill faster........5/10......on right track
@ q24, if you get that res and crit up you shouldn't need all that hp, and you can trade that off for some higher dps. 6/10 however i'd save some money up and see what 1.0.5 brings.
Edited by Servindix#1727 on 10/2/2012 9:05 PM PDT
@Servindix good solid two hander don't like the shoulders but not all. Have you tried Slam with your build?
10/02/2012 08:22 PMPosted by Q24
Rate one first then u get rated...how it workz

Yeah unless you rate someone then some douchebag comments underneath you without rating and gets another rating....

Thanks Henchman, not.

!@#$load of CD, nice CC, %^-*load of Str. You got a dagger too which I like! WW Barb though, so 8/10! :)


I wasn't rating anyone I was responding to someone so go somewhere else and cry cause you got skipped. All these posts are is one big stroke fest anyways we all join in and I have been skipped plenty of times so boo hoo. If anyone is the douche is the child crying in multiple posts cause he got skipped.
LoL It does happen

nice gear ! 8/10 ! dont really know what you could upgrade , maybe a stormshield with cc ?
Edited by LiangSheng#6483 on 10/3/2012 1:55 AM PDT

Very impressive gear, although i am curious why your profile only puts your dps at 43k dps? I mean it can't be right can it? I calculated you should have close to 50% crit and 350% cd with 2k plus str there should be no way your dps is so low
Edited by Gorrfang#6487 on 10/3/2012 3:22 AM PDT
@Gorrfang its 430k buffed with wotb :| nice gear btw ! 9/10 ! well balanced gear with life steal and high resist and armor !
Edited by LiangSheng#6483 on 10/3/2012 3:26 AM PDT
Doh..... misread it lol. feel like homer now hahaha oh forgot to give you a rating. 9/10 only because Blackthorn pants looks so god awful lol :p
Edited by Gorrfang#6487 on 10/3/2012 3:27 AM PDT
@gorrfang I;'m straight jeally
@Avarice. nice gear. improve your res all perhaps. and whatever else you can. but i think you're good to go 9/10
@ Twisted Foo

Weird build man, EPIC Magic Find tho...

I presume your gunna opt for a tank build? So Put vitality gem in your helm... your Resistance is fine... for now.

You have like, Zero Critical Hit Chance. Crit chance can be added in Rings, Amulet Bracers and Gloves. Helm if lucky.

Switch to an Axe so you get the Crit Chance perk in your Weap master Skill... Make sure its got a socket and save for a 80-90% Green Crit Gem.

That's a start anyway... 14K DPS is way too low.


Not sure what to upgrade next?
Edited by DangerMouse#6294 on 10/3/2012 4:34 AM PDT
Is critical hit that important?
well it adds heaps of DPS, but you need Critical Hit CHANCE to help your Critical Hit Damage ;)
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