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Rate the barbarian above V6

it hads heaps of it huh? interesting. for you. you have great gear. i suppose you could upgrade your shoulders to vile ward if you could afford that later. your chest to the immortal kings one as well. but you got a terrific setup. 9/10
@TwistedFoo, you need to improve in lot many areas for farming. First need to increase CC & CD so that damage is increased. Try to increase base stats on Str & Vit.

Rate 4/10
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Great magic find gears, however dps of 15k is way too low and inefficient for farming. I can only rate what you are wearing, but assume you may have better gears. 2/10 for the magic find gears

great gear. however not much MF therefore if you MF switch i give you a 9/10
if you dont I give you a 5/10
@Flashburn - unique build, but lack of crit really hurts your DPS. Lots of MF and some decent pieces but I can't give you anymore than a 5/10 with sub 30k DPS
@Foldz - 8.5/10 Bit light on the AR but can see you are balancing it with keeping MF fairly high.. extra half point for your followers gear =)
@Jae: 8/10 good full IK setup
@tomdal, love the setup always been a fan of the bk 1h's, also your stats all around look awesome if they don't mess up WW spec you're going to be set for 1.0.5, 9.5/10 right there love it
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Every item is just missing that 1 more/different affix that would make it great.

Like shoulders have no all res, chest has no vit, mempo has no crit, so on and so forth


Every item is just missing that 1 more/different affix that would make it great.

Like shoulders have no all res, chest has no vit, mempo has no crit, so on and so forth

@Th0r - Nice setup 9/10 - A lot of good gear, very little upgrades that wouldn't cost 100's of millions.

Nice kit. I dont think you need to upgrade anything.

I don't understand not having Ruthless as a passive. Nor do I understand how 3 fury per hit overcomes 10% crit chance.

That said, I don't know much about WW builds. I do like that your build seems to be unusual. I wish there was more variety in builds.
@ rabid you might want to change your skills up. Ruthlessness will add alot of damage and you should switch your main hand to the Axe for the 10% extra crit chance. RIght now your getting an extra 3 fury per hit kind of useless when you have all those crit damage gems.

the fury genertating passive needs to go too i think its not useful enough for you in a WW build, unless you just have WW for the fun of it.

Do you find you have good luck with call to the ancients because i find those weak things die too fast. you could do more dmg yourself with the berzerker skill
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@mattyice222 Your barbarian is where i want mine to be.
Im saving up for skorn right now

Thanks for the info. Im still learning how to play my Barb post level 60. Ill will change things up as you suggested as my barb is a work in progress :)
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@ Rabid

Nice Inferno entry barb. I can see you have spent a lot more time on your DH, and that you carried that experience over to your new character. Advice from someone who has been barbing for while: focus on getting your resists up to somewhere between 500 and 600, then start raising your DPS while not giving up too much armor or RA. Try to keep your armor above 7000 and your RA above 500 while raising your DPS to over 100k, which really isn't too tough when rolling dual wields. A lot of gold and/or luck to be sure, making progress and seeing it translate to performance is my favorite thing about this game. Good luck!
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8/10, Curious as to no IK belt? No CC on Bracers. Great rings.
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@IrnBru - 7/10 only because I HATE your offhand, come on man...
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