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Great WD Gear Giveaway #10

I will choose the winner of the Giveaway this Friday, the 12th. You do not have to be online at that time to win.

Thanks to some amazing donations from the WD community we have been able to give away 9 full sets of gear so far, and number 10 is going to be special. You can see 8 of the sets given away so far @ http://imgur.com/a/MuQsQ.

Why is giveaway #10 special? Since there are 13 pieces of gear in a set, I figured I'd spend 13M gold on this set.

I already have 1 bonus set to giveaway, so there will be atleast one bonus giveaway during the week as well.

If you want to win a set of gear you must follow these directions:
1) Post "Please enter me in WD giveaway 10" in this thread
2) You must post with your D3 profile or link me to it
3) You must be level 60

The gear that we are giving away tends to be around these stats: 40-50k HP, 30-40K DPS, 4-5k Armor, 400-500 ResAll, and 1000+ LOH.

Bonus advice for winning gear.
1) read (at least my posts) http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6712881973
2) read (at least my posts) https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6714103069?page=1
Both of these threads have advice on builds and gear. Hopefully these will help you out.
3) After reading these, post what issues you are having and what you have tried on your own. Post this info along with your giveaway entry. Its not easy choosing winners for the giveaway, and anything you can do to help me out can only help your chances of winning. My goal is to give gear and build advice to people who are truly struggling in Act 2+. I will give the gear to the person that I think will get the most out of it.

Donations: Please add me in game if you have donations. If you have gear that you want to give me a deal on I'll consider buying items as well. I'm afraid buying gear from people could be a pain so I don't plan on doing it unless the item is really good and you're willing to give me a really good deal on it.

gl hf
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10. :D
I got my profile to show this time. XD
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Hello Kamahl, please enter me in WD giveaway 10!
Good Luck every1.
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10!
Was bored of playing DH so I rolled a WD, and I'm having a blast with him! Thanks to some guys here in the forum with tips on gear/build!
I reached act3 not long ago and I'm doing not too well. Some elites are fine and some just burn me to the ground.
I'm having a lot of fun with my build so I guess I just have to upgrade my gear! Bought my Visage of Giyua and now I don't have much gold to buy more upgrade worth their price.

Good luck everyone!
Nice of you to do these giveaways
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10 =)
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10

My gear was able to take me through act 2 with a little difficulty, but now i face the act 3 wall and progressing seems impossible. WD so far is my favorite class and i'm not going to give up on it. Been using the darts build ever since and I don't have enough gold to go for a skorn/bears build. i think my resistance is quite mediocre and those reflect damage affixes on elites really get the best of me. farming for gold is a tedious task and i'm not complaining but i don't have all the time in the world to do so and with the gold i have this is the best gear i could afford. I've tried numerous skills form fireboats to firebombs, but either my mana pool could not sustain it or the casting animation was too slow for me, and thats where i found a splinters build to be more my play style (very practical build for those on a budget). Hope i win this contest and cheers!

P.S. after patch 1.05 i'll probably be able to finally clear Act 3/4 with MP0 haha
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10

For some weird reason i cannot past elites in a2 those with frozen and arcane i don't know if its my build or something else that is the problem. Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone else that's here =) cheerios
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10.

Additional Info - reflect Damage packs destroy me. Typically it turns into a crazy kite fest where I'm trying to let my Life Regen bring my health back up before engaging again.

I don't mind running a lower DPS, more survivable build. That seems to be what you're aiming for with most of these gear giveaways. While gaming in general I find dieing to be much more annoying than a slower pace.

I'm also open to changing up the skills I'm using, I do prefer to stay ranged as much as possible though. I do absolutely love the Garg and Acid Cloud though. Any advice is welcome.

Last bit, I'm out of town from this Tuesday to next Wednesday (8th to 17th). So in the event that I end up winning please be patient while I'm unable to log into D3.
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10
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I've started to put together a set for Giveaway #10. I started with pieces in my stash and instead of spending 1M on each piece I'm spending more on a few pieces that people can hopefully hold onto for a long time. I will definitely be adding a Thing of the Deep and possibly Jousting Mail. The Mail is pricey but it will allow me to drop LOH from rings to pickup some more offensive stats. You can check my profile to see the current status of the set (it will get better throughout the week trust me).

Thanks to some more donations today I'll have at least two bonus sets this week.

gl hf
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if I don't try I aint in to win.

so Please enter me in WD giveaway 10.

& ty for providing a great public service.
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10

After checking out your posts on gearing up for under 1Mil, I think I am going to try it out. I'm pretty patient so lets hope I can scope out some good deals on the AH.

On a side note, now I have to figure out how to get my D3 profile to show up here.
EDIT: Figured it out.
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10

A lot of kite to struggle against act 3 elites.
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10

Fairly new WD here and I'm realizing how expensive this gear is really going to be. I absolutely love this class though and I'm very dedicated to making my char a BEAST. I could really use this gear. Thanks :)
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10.

WD is my first character and I had a nice public party that helped me through my progression in inferno. I couldnt finish in time because they had to leave and my character cannot finish up the game in inferno mode. This gear would really help me complete inferno and farm act 3 after.

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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10
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Please enter me in WD giveaway 10
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please enter me in wd giveaway #10
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