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To the top players: How did you get rich?

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Got a lot of great advice, btw I don't know why it links my sc2 profile, but here is my d3 profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ThepHaRSiDE-1645/

I feel what has been making me not rich after reading the responses is the speed of my runs. I kinda take a bit longer than the after fast runner by backtracking, and opening chest, etc. The reason I do this is because maybe, just maybe that super expensive awesome legendary set piece will come flying out of that chest.... has yet to happen though lol.

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I'm posing this question, because I have been playing the same since release, and am still not rich. I have seen streams with people with hundreds of millions of worth in gear. So I want to hear some stories on how you got rich. When I say rich, I'm talking you have about 500 million gold in gear or more, and then millions or even hundreds of millions left over to spend.
Did you get lucky with an item find and sold for hundreds of millions?
Did you buy low and resell high in the auction house?
Did you just purchase gold?
What was your strategy to actually achieving hundreds of millions or even possible a billion gold in this game?

Me personally I have about 50-60 million in gear right now, and have virtually nothing left over to spend ( about 5 million left). I just don't know how people managed to get sooo much gold to be able to do the game ending builds.
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Well, for one they have Diablo 3 accounts. With your Starcraft account it is difficult for anyone to judge how much you play, how much mf you run, etc etc.

I'm not rich, been playing since release, but I don't put a ton of time into the game. More time is more gold, and more gold is more ability to manipulate the auction house.
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A lot were able to abuse farming methods (for example: when no1 could actually efficiently farm inferno, people would go to A4 with Tyrael, die to elites, and then just wait as Tyrael hacked them to death. They dropped the first 1k+ DPS 1 handers which sold for millions)

Many others resorted to scamming techniques and 3rd party programs that enabled people to switch gold amounts at the last second of a trade transaction (example: 2mil going to 200k)

Others simply farmed their own gold (Example: A1 urns/ash pots use to drop gold; with enough gold find they would drop tons of gold per run. Bots abused this and flooded the market with gold.)

Only a few examples. Don't assume all people did this. (I worked my way to get the gears I have. I think I did a good job in 400+ hours of gameplay X.x) One epic drop can make your char rigged with gear. I got a 170 dex nat boots (the legacy one, long before the new legendary sets came out) I sold it for 28m (Now its like 100m+ z.z)

But you get my point
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Farm, and farm a lot. All my gear is farmed, I don't flip, buy gold, use rmah or scam. (when I say farmed, I mean farming items and selling on ah to buy something I want).

I also have 650 mil saved for patch 105 or a new wep. I got around 1k hours, 700 of those probably farming act 3 lol
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I have spent over 500mil in gear. I never "got rich", I simply played the game a lot, optimized my character, got as much mf as pssible without compromising my farming speed. I was never afraid to spend all my gold to buy a single upgrade. Too many players are outraged at prices and wont buy a solid upgrade because they judge the peice "outrageous"."I'm not gonna spend 30m on bracers !". People who think this wahy never progress. You get richer as your character can farm more efficiently.

Overtime as I improved my gear I became able to farm faster and with more MF. Now I faceroll A3 with 375 MF, I dont have much gold, 30 or 40m but I often find 5-10m items so I'm saving up until I have 100-150m to get a nice upgrade, probably a ring.
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No idea what my gear is "worth". I tend to overpay because I HATE waiting for auctions to expire or to get outbid. So I jsut use the buyouts if I think they are fair.

Nor I am rich. Spent all my gold. The lottery items I found are:

Pre- 1.04 1320 damage X-bow 70% Crit + open socket. Sold for 180 Million. Actually sold really fast so i probably ripped myself off.

Post 1.04 (Actually only 2 weeks ago) Found a Zuma hat that rolled Mana Regen and it sold for like 80 Million or so. The same day I found a trifecta ring with int, vit and 70 res all. Sold for 396 Million.

Other than those three things is been a lot of 100k items. A few 1 mil items.

I pick up all the gold and all the blues. Only takes 30 seconds to pop back to town to unload the blues for 10k.

**edit** Whoops... you said Top Players. I shouldn't have responded!
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Farm until you get lucky and hit the lotto. I'm broke right now, but for me it has all been about the lucky once in a bluemoon drops. I've made about 450 million since 1.04. 275 million came from one drop a high end rare wand. Another 100 million came from 2 drops a good vile ward that sold for 60 mil and some lacuni prowlers that sold for 40 mil.

So 83% of my earnings since 1.04, which I've already blown came from 3 lucky drops. One item alone the wand was 61% of all the gold I've earned since 1.04. Now I'm waiting for the next lucky drop cause nothing else is selling except high end gear. Who knows when it will be?
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Jemesatui is the kind of player I'm talking about. 46k elite kills gets you a lot of gold, even without AH flipping etc etc.
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300 million for a open socket, 550 LoH sword with 1100 DPS (this was before 1.04). Never gotten close since.
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i'm by no means rich, however i do consider myself well off having invested a lot of time into this game.

my gear was probably worth about ~10m (today's value) when 1.04 started.
before 1.04 i was more focused on collecting achievements.

i had friends who helped me build my dh, if they found equipment like high dex pants i would get them. most of my friends played more of a tank build. i was pretty much a glass cannon with ~50k dps when i started playing inferno. i was lucky on the day of the 1.04 release i found 3 legendaries which i sold for money. then it occurred to me that i should reinvest what i make into my character. so slowly i was able to upgrade my gear, went from all rare to mostly legendary. i didn't invest much into mf/gf gear because i knew my mf/gf lvls would go up as i killed more.

at times it feels so boring and i don't even want to play diablo 3 anymore. so i take a break and do other things and come back to it again the next day. but i tell you when i found an item that sells for over 100m i got such a happy feeling.
thinking about it, it is a race. an item you find now worth a lot will be worth less in the future.

i never really enjoyed spending a lot of time on ah. but i know some people who buy and re-sell. and i've seen other people make tonnes of gold before 1.04 offering services to craft items and gems.

currently i'm at a point where i just want to make a few more upgrades and if a new patch isn't rolled out with new items then i'll start selling on rmah again.

edit: if anyone is wondering, i'm about 8m off from completing the pick up 100m achievement lol
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90 Worgen Warrior
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Don't sell on the RMAH, for one. I've made over $1,000, but because that money didn't go back into my character my gear is abysmal for someone with my /played time.

(I'm happy with the $1,000 personally)
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The richest players are scammers and bots.
Of the people that aren't, I believe they flip items. (Buy for 5m, sell for 15m, etc)

I'm not rich, but I went from 3m to 190m because of one set item drop. (Nat's chest)
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someone just acted very2 nice and hang around co-op farm couple days
then borrow some amulet from my friend

insta 200mil
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Crafting Gems and BS gear and selling it. I have tracked everything I have done and have moved a total of 2.7 billion gold. The profit number is slightly less than that due to crafting cost (which are in that number), I would have to update my side of things to get a 100% accurate number but laziness sure does not help.

Currently I have stopped crafting gems as there is losses across the boards for the most part and are highly volatile and the profit windows close very quickly.

I am however still currently crafting, you can figure out what you should craft, no freebies.
However what I am crafting currently brings in about 15mill (bad day) and 40-60mill on a good day.
Best of luck figuring it out.
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Rich people= those who invested time in the game.
1000 hours since launch??? holy sh*t!!!
I havnt even cracked 200 yet and ive been playing since launch.
Dedication makes you rich
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No not by hours. My friend told me to flip ah around, he got 1.4b now just by flipping, me Only got 200m spare left. And he alsO told me just read 1 thread a day and Stop qqing still working i guess - except for monks :(
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(I worked my way to get the gears I have.

This has been bugging me for months now. When used to describe equipment. its


Kinda like how you don't type in DEERS. Deer is plural for DEER. Gear when used to describe equipment is still....GEAR.

Theres a thread about this. Regardless though, you're still right and it bugs me too.

If you're really persistent in including an "S" at the end because you have OCD or something, or you're just really stubborn, then call your equipment "items" because "gears" just sounds utterly stupid.
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10/04/2012 04:03 PMPosted by jon
No not by hours. My friend told me to flip ah around, he got 1.4b now just by flipping, me Only got 200m spare left. And he alsO told me just read 1 thread a day and Stop qqing still working i guess - except for monks :(

So to make gold in a Fantasy ARPG i have to play a side economics based game called AH Tycoon 3

F8ck that!

Only reason people should need gold in this game is for pots and repairs......needing to make money to buy gear sucks a fat one
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