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This topic has 2 reasons:
1) Blizz telling us when the 1.0.5 patch gets live.
2) They may release it faster with your help.

Here is what you have to do, if you want to make point 1 and/or 2 possible write: "now", under this topic.

If we will get many unique players to post here than they may break the silence and do or tell something. Lets get united and if someone will want to break our unity writing something that is not "now" just disslike his post.
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I think you mean "live" not life


it is not ready knucklehead
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Here's how it's gonna go:

Blizzard will patch the game when they feel it's ready.
this thread is bad and you should feel bad

*swats you with a newspaper

Blizzard! You need to make 1.0.5 live when you are ready to make it live! Now!
No, don't bring 1.0.5 live until they worked all the bugs out.
10/04/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Mariox
No, don't bring 1.0.5 live until they worked all the bugs out.

I agree. So many impatient people though, I hope it doesnt rushed.
Players like Nivik is the reason why games are not smart :*(
Yes please rush a patch before it's ready. That is always a good recipe.
Does the double drop rate need a patch or just a server tweek?> That can be done any time, i would imagine.

The rest is probably pretty complicated, in their defense. I mean, imagine the delicate balance they are walking to nurf our classes but make it a buff. Its like quantum physics black hole space science and crap.
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We appreciate your enthusiasm for patch 1.0.5, the best possible thing you can do to help us progress is to join in on the PTR, offer your constructive feedback, and submit detailed bug reports about any issues you may experience while playing patch 1.0.5.

Having said that, the thread is still being locked for having a thread title in all caps.
This topic is locked.

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