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My new uber 1.05 wizard build

This will be our new powerful build for 1.05 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#alidQS!dYW!cYcacZ

Now here is how you use it. You cast blizzard on your targets first. While they are slowed you hit them all with the new uber buff magic missile powered by your glass cannon and cold blooded passive buffs.

Now for your iconic spell which was taught to us and must be used in our builds because the developers had fun making it. Mammoth Hydra! Now each new level you enter you have to change your hydra choice as they had fun making it for different situations. So when you are in the keeps you use Mammoth Hydra due to narrow hall ways. Just don't get mad when your magic stacks disappear each time you change out your hydra. Its working as intended.

Now whatever gets past your blizzard and your magic missile fear not! As you will use WAVE OF FORCE to push them away! This is the most IMPORTANT skill as the monsters go flying away from you. Let everyone know about it as it is OP and UBER!

Now if they get past your blizzard and magic missile again you use Teleport Calamity right on top of them. This is fueled by illusionist so the more you get hit the more you can cast mini WAVE OF FORCES on the enemy! Now after you have done this about 3 or 4 times the WOW inspired cool down on WAVE OF FORCE should now be ready to use again! Incredible! Just keep pushing them back and back until your magic missile and blizzard kill all that blocks your path to victory.

And finally I use magic weapon for additional DPS. Why do I use this instead of an armor skill? Because Blizzard has told us that there is no reason now why someone would have to use Energy armor! So I am sure I could do better with the DPS buff instead of a need to stay well protected with energy armor.

I will test this build out on MP 1, 4, 7, and 10 and report to you all over the next few days. I am sure that I will have great news to report!!!!! All test will take place in the keeps.

Thanks for your time and thank you Blizzard for making such a fun wizard class.
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Seriously serious!


Updated build from suggested posts. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#alidQS!ghW!cccccZ

attack speed:2.9
CC: 49
Re gen: 636
LOH: 611
AR: Low 300- low 400

Equipment is same as my live hero but the helmet is the one that does that poison nova thingy. Since NOVA is OP I thought it would be nice to put it on. Bumped my attack speed too which was very nice. :)

Started lvl 1 keeps at 8:12pm est and killed Ghrom at 8:41pm est

Holy cow bells batman! This setup is a white trash killer! Before entering each room I would cast magic missile. The missiles would go off screen and clear out rooms without me even knowing what was in them. When I didn't do that blizzard slowed everyone down and I would 3 shot kill everything. Mammoth worked well as I would plop one down in the door ways. I had to cast wave of force only three times against trash mobs.

YELLOW ELITES: They were the hardest. They are all immune to wave of force. Blizzard must fix this! But thankfully they were not immune to unstable anomaly and teleport with calamity. I suffered 4 deaths because of this. The "fast" ones are the ones to worry about 'cause I had to kite a lot. But hey! That's what wizards are suppose to do! Kite!

PURPLE ELITES: Piece of cake. Stood in place casted my damage dealers and wave of forced their butts in. Zero deaths.

BLUE ELITES: I had two deaths. Both to the affix of teleport into fire chains. Nothing I could really do about that I guess. But the range bowman elites were easy. It was just a stand in place DPS fight that I won hands down. The blues that were not the bowman I had to kite a bit as motor shells being thrown at my face kind of sucks. NOTE TO BLIZZARD: WAVE OF FORCE SHOULD PUSH BACK RANGED ATTACKS! FIX THIS!

When critical mass was at its best i tried the KNOCK LOCK approach. It was not perfect but most of the time anomaly, calamity, or wave of force was available for me to push the enemy back. But this approach was broken against the yellow elites. :( FIX THIS BLIZZARD! I found this build to be fun but thought 6 deaths was a little too much.
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Reserved for MP4 test.
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Reserved for MP7 test.
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Reserved for MP10 test.
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LMFAO! This is what I have been looking for!
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At first, I thought this was serious until I continued reading.

Well, thanks for the chuckle before I head to bed. One more day of work before I can go back on my grind.
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I'm seriously serious and stuff. I will be giving in depth reviews on playing this game the way Blizzard wants us to play it.

I should also point out that I will have 100k on paper dps and have an average of 300 resist all.
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lol ,no way
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If the results are too good I will delete this entire post and give secret directions to the Wizard Club in a parking lot behind a church where I will continue to teach you the build. I will pass out copies titled "The Wizard and You. Jay Wilson's best friend" to prepare you on the next few patches.
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wanna give this a shot plz? tell me how it works for ur gear ( just got ur build and theorycrafted a bit on it)

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wanna give this a shot plz? tell me how it works for ur gear ( just got ur build and theorycrafted a bit on it)

Hmmm I like the rune choice with the OP WAVE OF FORCE. I don't know how I could have missed Unstable Anomaly. :( I may have to rethink my entire build! Monsters will be flying all over the place with your changes. Should be fun.
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Are you sure you wouldn't rather use Ray of Frost?

It's a really crafty yet uber spell that slows up to *1* mob at a time with a totally uber narrow beam of frost. IN FACT, if you use the rune that slows movement speed by 80% and if you couple it with another uber ability called SLOW TIME you can actually STOP COMPLETELY 1 mob trying to kill you in his tracks. The other 47 mobs he is with will still stampede you and rip out and then consume your warm, still beating heart, but you will be able to stop that 1 fallen grunt in his tracks while all his buddies are relishing the taste of your internal organs.

Give it a try, it's super fun.
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Lycanar we can discuss this at your local KFC parking lot around 2 am. Cool?
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stop posting builds with magic missile, its OP, and should not be posted, only allowed to discuss this on the woods meeting.
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i think it has a lot of room for optimizing.. the general idea though of pushing them back indefinitely truly intrigues me.. idk how well it ll work in practice.. will try tomm after my beauty sleep though ;)

it can def become a viable alternative from stun-locking at high mp levels. u 'knock-lock' them :P the knock-lock build lol (its 7 in the morning and i m tired) nn
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10/04/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Chopain
Lycanar we can discuss this at your local KFC parking lot around 2 am. Cool?

I dunno, that kinda sounds like a tarp.....
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