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Anyone get by OK without LS or LoH?

I am. RD still is a pain but I plan on stacking more vit slowly :) just spent a couple million on new ToTD so we'll see exactly how well it goes.

Also I don't play solo so maybe some solo players will help you
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Lol........so many trolls here!!!!
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I don't use LoH or LS. Not because I don't like them, but just because I can't afford them at this time.

Reflect Dmg is the biggest pain, and you have to be extremely cautious when playing around it. Sometimes it even becomes better to just let my pets do the fighting, and I stay back sneaking in and out looking for health globes.

Here's my current build:

I have to time Spirit Walk and Health Potion carefully so that I have one availible as often as possible. Then I mitigate those with Siphon and Globes, but those are a bit more unpredictible. The rest of the game is doable. Just watch for the Reflect Dmg.

Reflct + Mortar = ouch
Reflect + Illusionist = ouch
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1000+ life regen, spirit walk(healing or jaunt), and leeching beasts. LOH or lifesteal would be gravy at that point, but not completely necessary.
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with 600 life on hit I gain life from reflect damage

however, I am looking into a lifesteal skorn for higher power levels
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Yeah when i face reflect with soj on i stay just pat, even with 5.9%, so i can only imagine whats its doing with half that...

are you using br? Just for refernece this is build im using now since last nights change, been working really well.


Try using cloud of bats with ur lifesteal and let me know how that works with a 1h, im curious. Cause for me its healing an insane amount... like, insane.
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My comment was in reference to this btw.

10/05/2012 01:04 PMPosted by weesheng
I haven't played PTR, but I'm scratching my head as to what the fascination with MP 9 or 10 is. From what I've read (and seen on YouTube), MP 10 mobs have an incredible amount of health. I'm pretty confident that with or without Life-Steal, I would be able to clear MP 5 more than 2x faster than what I could clear MP 10 (I wouldn't be surprised if this is true of everyone). If I'm right, why would I ever go for MP 10 vs MP 5 (other than sheer challenge)?.

It's not just MP10. You'll notice the difference from MP5 onwards. I almost died to a reflect damage licker just 10 minutes ago, i.e. I simply wasn't able to outheal the damage.

Same gear, but running Well of Souls / Resentful Spirit.

Just for comparison sake, that elite would have been blown up in under 10 seconds on live.

I really need the SoJ for farming, yet the SoJ is what kills me when I meet RD.
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I would recommend that you get some form of life regen ability.

Life on kill, life on hit...life steal...life regen...something.

I have 1,100 LoH and 1,100 LoK...and all I want is more.
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My style is tank face to face to elite.Stand on every affixes and spam bear to them.
Life steal is necessary, include ias ehp and dps to stay alive. If them overcome incoming damage your hp are full all the time.

Loh is what i need too,i have around 900 few times with acid rain gain alot of hp for emergency situation.

I'm never have problem with reflect damage,could be some HP reduce when hit multi monsters.I use rain of toad combine with bear.So return HP is outnumber.
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I dont have ls, loh, cc/cd or ias. I do fine. As for the next patch and mp, I dont really care about playing at max mp. My interest is the pvp patch.
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Try using cloud of bats with ur lifesteal and let me know how that works with a 1h, im curious. Cause for me its healing an insane amount... like, insane.

Tried out the cloud of bats with 6% LS and yea it heals alot however that spell is more limiting then bears lol. Very very small range and its channeled. Could be improved by making the aoe much bigger. Like Acid Cloud big :)
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I have none and I do great. Can farm A3/Whimsy without a death pretty consistently. Current setup on my profile.
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I run into issues sometimes when I run into RD elites and do not realize it soon enough. I usually am able to just kick in jaunt and down em with bear spams. I don't know how I am going to handle the upper MP levels in the new patch if the RD is the same proc rate. I have LS on my weapon... and I am very cautious to get anything with LoH considering Blizzard's nerf fests with proc rates on all skills which directly reflects the amount LoH procs.

Not to mention LoH proc's terribly with bears. I am hoping Blizzard modifies RD in the new patch so that having a weapon with 2.5%+ LS, it will be enough to at least not go down in life. I am probably going to be switching over to Blood Ritual anyways.
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I have high dps and no life steal. I do have some decent regeneration mainly due to vile wards and my leeching dogs really work wonders. Reflect damage is a toughy for me, even though my resist is decent. I cope with that by killing them in spirit walk. Usually i can take them out in 1 spirit walk with vengeful and bears and the rest can be killed using my firebomb. Due to the somewhat lower damage firebomb I can cope with a bit of reflect.
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Don't have it. I get along pretty well without it in Act 3. I anticipate at higher levels of MP that it will be needed. At the levels I'm planning on being at (2,3, or 4) I don't think I'll need to invest in it, and if I do it won't be too much.
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well I regeared completely for life regen (1000), LS (5%), and LoH (2000) this weekend and it made a huge difference in survivabillity. I cannot afford a skorn w/ LS but there are plenty of good (but of cource less 'godly' -- jeezus I hate this term) alternatives. YMMV
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