Diablo® III

Old hellfire ring was the real end game!

The ring will be rolling out stats that you would routinely pay millions for on the AH... and yet somehow this ring won't be worth the time to get......gtfo

The only valid complaints, I guess.....are the credit card fan boys that will just purchase the BIS ring making the effort to to do ubers pointless.......hmm...lota credit card fan boys it looks like...

It has nothing to do with this, the old ring gave us a reason to actually farm the crap out of every act mindlessly for these rings. Now you really should only get the ring once kinda like getting the whismeyshire components, then thats it why waste anymore time.

I just believe the so called "bug fix" is a bit drastic, my as well remove the proc all together its just taking up space on the ring.
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So can I state this way "you accidentally by mistake create a super overpowered ring in old PTR which actually gave D3 some fun end game".
It is OK it was a bug and never intended to do so. A lot of inventions, medicine, etc are discovered accidentally or by mistake.
I think old hellfire ring at least illustrates some point, a really EPIC and powerful gear which is super difficult to get or super difficult to get the perfect roll will keep players farming again and again. This actually provide players some kind of fun end game.
I admit old hellfire ring was a little overpower, but current hellfire is indeed too weak, you don't need to make it as strong as old one, but at least make it epic and can really do some serious damage, like 500k - 1million. So players have motivation to do uber bosses on higher level again and again. Buy current stats, it is still a great ring, but may not worth the farming repeatedly.
Please buff this ring to make it at least really legendary and epic. Current ring indeed too weak.
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Why not have it scale to Monster Power and do a Percentage of monster HP.

Even 1% of monster HP would be a good start. Wouldn't make the ring OP at all, but would be great at higher MP levels with a 500k crit on a 50million HP elite.

You have very little end game content atm, and alot of us saw this as endgame. With the current rewards(if any @low MP) the whole event isn't that great anymore once you have a Hellfire ring for your follower and yourself.

Maybe even beef up the drops from the Ubers. We do actually kill 2 of them.... and only one drops loot. And not alot at that.
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Hey guys, remember when D3 had an endgame for a week on the test server?

10/05/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
The Hellfire Ring will still be valuable, though. It may not be as valuable to players who have reached Paragon 100 now that it doesn't deal buttloads of damage when it procs, but it will still be competitive. Given the nature of how the ring is crafted, it has the opportunity to roll with some pretty incredible stats, so one of the rings you create may be BiS for you. Then again, it may not, but that's a good reason to keep farming (if that's your thing).

It's now far less valuable than a rare ring which can get more stats.
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So not a single play tester tried on this new epic item before it even hit public PTR? Sure thing.
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10/05/2012 07:51 PMPosted by BSGSurgeon
So not a single play tester tried on this new epic item before it even hit public PTR? Sure thing.

you forgot blizzard doesnt test anything, at least in game without a subscription base.
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the ring sucks. only reason i can find use for is to throw one on my follower. after i get one for each one of my characters followers theres no reason to get them.
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People were having fun with the old ring?

Obviously a bug, will be fixed ASAP.
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I just lost 99% of the excitement for 1.0.5.
Unless they make it proc with WW and/or tornadoes I see absolutely no point in wasting time to farm for it.
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10/05/2012 07:59 PMPosted by Corruption
the ring sucks. only reason i can find use for is to throw one on my follower. after i get one for each one of my characters followers theres no reason to get them.

Your follower will be very powerful with that ring. Also you could still get a good roll and it will be as good as a 2-5m rare ring but with 35% exp bonus! I feel alot of you have unrealistic expectations. Want a trifecta rare ring? Pay 100m then! Want a free ring almost as good? Do a few runs and keep the best hellfire ring and give the rest to your followers.
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I.E. what this guy said:

The Hellfire Ring can still be BiS, now you just need to rolls to do so. You already have High main stat....you just need the 4 randoms to roll trifecta. It will now take a LOT of farming to get BIS hellfire ring.

the hellfire ring is only BIS if you want the bonus experience though. But if you're 100 paragon or close to it, then you don't want it.

Other than that, hellfire ring gives you 170-200 prime state, 4 random enchantments, and the now useless fireball.

whereas a 6 affix i63 ring can roll 170-200 prime stat, and still have 5 random enchantments left over.
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hellfire ring doesnt interest me at all but if it was a charm it would be a must have.
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