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Think you could do anything for me? I'm more of a casual player and haven't invested the time to try and figure out what are the best possible options. Matter of fact, the AH makes me angry :) I'm not a patient shopper...

I've been following these threads for a while hoping to do this but never had any more than a few mil at a time. However, I found a 2 socket Tyraels Might tonight that will hopefully bring me around 40m.

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Svo4turbo, Sure buddy, im actually free at the moment and getting kind of bored farming. But I did manage to find a zunimas chest last night that sold for 65mill =) had the highest armor rollI ever seen on one 817armor but only 57 vit.
But add me in game and ill go over your gear and details if you want and see what I can do for you.

Also what is the str roll and dmg to demons and elites on the Tyreals? I may be interested in it.
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Thanks DBoy. I will be on later tonight and will add you in. The Tyreals rolled INT unfortunately. A STR roll looks like it would have gotten me around 80m, at least according to the BIN's on the AH. Course, if it had rolled STR, i'd probably be wearing it right now. :)

There don't seem to be many 2 socket ones, so that's what it has going for it I believe. Either way, I won't have enough gold to request your services until it sells.
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Hey Dboy,

Is there any room for improvement on my barb? i just want to be able to farm mp5 i tryed the ptr and i can do mp4 but mp5 seems like more of a strategy battle

WW SPEC DW 5.80ls 84k dps buffed

i know i have low all resist im looking into that and more crit dmg and crit chance with IAS

im saving up gold atm im just in here for your advice, i cant afford your service atm sorry

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Do you think that 100m is enough to make my barb viable for 1.0.5 as ww? If not, should I change to a different build?

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Hey Dboy and Acrimony,
I currently have 100M to work with. Do you think that is enough to upgrade me (keeping with DT) or would I be better served going another way for 1.05? Either way, I would like to enlist your services for gearing up.

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currently 16m, trying to get more
Double nado

I just need to get my hands on a ik chest, ik boots, a ring and a ammy and i will be happy dappy
Let me know if you can do anything :)
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Hello Dboy & Acrimony;

I have changed my Barb from a SnB tank to a 2 handed DPSer. I prefer to be a rend barbarian. I never like all the running of the sprint/WW barb. I have no trouble in Act 1 or 2, but act 3 i realized that my health regen is two slow. I been trying to buy a belt with Lifesteal, AR, Strength and Bonus to cleave. I have 60 million to spend on armor. What do you suggest I upgrade first.

I also have a good amulet that I am not wearing with 650 Loh and 30% to magic find. I wear that in act 1 & 2. The only issue with that amulet is that I lose about 9000 DPS.

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Good chest parts are on the AH right now with good deals.

This one is listed for 5,000,000 buyout and could help you:


I saw two others up there that can help you.

This belt is up there for 4 million:


Good Luck
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DBoy, with a budget of 1b wot kind of stats can i get on a WW barb in terms of DPS, hp, all res and armor (roughly)?

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Valour, You can never tell exactly what you will find on the ah at the time but what I like to do is try and reach a goal set by yourself. You tell me what you want and I can try and reach it. You wont know till you get the core of the build complete then you can start to see what direction you can start going for example say your wanting an IK chest for the set and your wanting to reach 50k Hp your gonna want a Ik chest with 200 vit or close to that and that can get up in the 200-300 millions or more so somtimes its better off going with a 100-150 vit piece which will end up you having to find other pieces with high vit to reach your goal of 50k. The best thing to do is aim for the highest amount of stats on your chest, pants preferably vitality so you can skimp it on the rest of your gear to get your Dps up. So lets say your wanting to aim for 600-700 AR, well now you have to find Ar on almost every sloy or atleast get high amounts of it on certain pieces so you can lower it on things like Jewelry and gloves, helm so you can boost your dps up because its extremely hard to find these pieces with nice Dps stats and the incredibly high amounts of Ar. But with a budget of 1bill you can pretty much try and reach as high as you can it just really depends on what the Ah is looking like and trying to get that perfect piece for your set. Maybe just look at other barbs gear and try to get an idea of what you think you might want to aim for in terms of Max dps or survivability or a balance of the two.
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I would like your help upgrading my ww barbarian. I have a 100m budget, and I have accepted your friend request. I look forward to hearing back if you will help me, just let me know here or in game, thanks.
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Hello Acrimony/Dboy187.

I have a budget of 160m available to basically build a 2H barbarian from scratch.

My gear is pretty terrible and just what I found from drops or quick scans on the AH. I made most of these savings from flipping items on the AH, and since it took a while to get this much I'm scared of spending it in the wrong place. I would appreciate any help you guys could give me.

Battletag: Ghraye#1511

Thanks in advance.
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Hey, Acri. I have been following your posts concerning the importance of EHP come 1.0.5 patch(as well 1.0.4) which I totally agree with. Having a very high dps but low damage mitigation won’t get me far come 1.0.5.

As one of the proponent of this subject, could you please take a look my SnB and see which areas I can improve. I’m keen on more damage mitigation/EHP while maintaining or increasing my DPS. Since playing a pally in D2, SnB build had been my bread and butter when playing this game, its slow when farming but I have the mentality of killing/breaking/smashing everything on sight, even to a point of going after one monster just making sure I get a mob clean up. Got myself to learn WW/DT but cannot make it as effective as my SnB (don’t get me wrong its fun and efficient farming build) – I die a lot which is not cost effective IMO.

And, importantly you have partnered with Dboy who gave me some tips on what gears to change(suggested the Andy that im still using now). I could not really hide my gratitude to players who affords time to gives free advice, gear and mentor barb players since with your expertise on the barb builds were instrumental in making us bu@t kicking killing machines that other class are envious about. So I got 200m to burn for any upgrade that is needed by “biGBoy”.

Anyway, if you have ample time, just go through my trusted baba and let me have your expert opinion. Hey, i read here that you build a SnB WW/DT build, can you do the same for me. I always wanted to tank and spank but it couldn't be better to go crazy WW'ing at the same time... hahaha! its gonna be FUN.

Note: Got some wep I use for my WW/DT build:

1. http://i46.tinypic.com/10rv1w5.jpg
2. http://i46.tinypic.com/258vxv7.jpg
3. http://i48.tinypic.com/r7ovls.jpg
4. http://i47.tinypic.com/314qniq.jpg
5. I will still play my WW/DT but will concentrate on SnB atm, until i get the hang of it.
6. Final budget is 200m.
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@Acri, sorry man, i double send my friend's request without finishing it, but i hope you could take a look at my post.
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Just thought I would say you guys did a great job on my barbarian, this service is great and you guys are very knowledgeable. Thanks again DBoy.
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I'm new to barb. I'm learning on WW barb but I die alot. Can you help on my gears? SSENG#1474

BTW, what it mean 'SnB' ?
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Thanks Boyntz and sorry My internet crapped out earlier and still hasnt came back online I think the storm caused an outage, anyways I checked out your skills and I wanted to shed some light on you about Bash with punish rune. Use this rune instead of instigation it will boost your dps and it gives you a reasonable amount of fury regain per hit, I never really knew why people used instigation instead of it. You rarely use bash unless your low on fury so why not make the most out of it. Just remember to hit (3) enemies every few seconds and you will notice a huge difference in your Dps not only your regular bash hit but among all of your skills including Sprint and Whirlwind. Im glad you like the set! Enjoy!
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