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Request for response on state of Monks..


I'd rather they just keep monk untouched at this point. No nerfs no buffs. How they will mangle OWE in the future is very scary.
Tell us kindly the good reason in nerfing the defense passives when 90% of monk's passives

Just so that I know that we're on the same page, have you had the opportunity to read this developer journal, yet? http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7155884/ (It was written a few weeks ago, so it may have been missed.)

It goes pretty in depth into why we're making changes to defensive skills, and breaks down each change class-by-class.

have you actually read what it says about monks?


The strongest monk defensive skill is One With Everything. We've mentioned it before and it bears repeating - this is something we would like to fix someday, but we're going to take our time. Changes to One With Everything heavily impact existing monk gear. We still plan on addressing this in the future but will do so in a way that does not invalidate the gear monks have invested in.

Resolve: Damage reduction reduced from 25% to 20%.

Seize the Initiative: Changed to grant 50% of your Dexterity as Armor. This will result in anywhere from 750 to 1250 armor for most monks (depending on your Dex) which is comparable to the mitigation lost by other classes. The reduction to Resolve and Seize the Initiative should mean if you want to be a “super-tanky monk” you can still take all three defensive skills, but it should be a lot easier to pick some other passives without feeling like you’re going to blow up at the first Elite pack you encounter.

all i see is,

1. watch out in the future where going to make all your res specific gear useless

2. we are doing this to resolve so deal with it.

3. while you might have been at a comfortable mix of dps and tankness we're forcing you to go pure tank now by ruining the skill seize.

i could ask you what 2+2 is and you could have told me 1865000 and it would have been a better answer then the one you provided in the quote above.
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Sad, just sad
Are a mass exodus of monks happening right now? The price of the inna 4 piece has been taking a nose dive over the last week. You can get the 4 piece set for under 60 mill gold buy out price now. The only piece that is holding any value are the pants which other classes covet. Yeah no immediate problems here Blizz, take your time. BTW the Immortal King chest piece has a minimum buy price of 82 mill. So yeah all of monk's end game set gear is worth 3/4 of the most expensive piece of barb gear.
While I agree the monk is not so well balanced in some aspects (spirit reg. please, or lower cost for Tempest Rush, or not correlate spirit use on this skill with attack speed) but if you play long enough and put a lot of gold in gear he's fine and face to face to any WW barb, especially with a good TR build + gear (500mil plus though to get it slightly working)

Prices on Monk items are sinking, really? I'm on EU server and would love to upgrade some single Inna pieces to perfection, like Inna's Radiance with >2 spirit reg, 60+allres, 6%crit was 300mil and sold, same as Inna's Chest with >75 allres, 12%life (more and more monks go for high allres items only I think) and YES it's a shame that we don't have allres at least on the chest AND only 0.33 spirit regen as bonus, though the 4 bonus that costs you nothing to cast Sweeping Wind is OK but really only needed for the TR build.

OWE: I threw it out already (with all the set items only have 3 others left with single res anyway), though mostly did that for the Tempest Rush build which needs the one or two spirit regen Passives, but then I saw I don't need it anymore I think!. For PLVL >6 I might have to skip the TR build though and go back to dual wield + attackspeed if they don't change anything to that.
Well, it's official.....I have put well over 100 hours into my monk. I have loved him every step of the way. I have always loved blizzard games but always hated blizzard. It's as if they get a kick out of contraversy(sp?)and strife. I have never understood how a game developer can tell their game players to shut up and kiss their !@# like blizzard does and gets away with it. I quit playing months ago because I was sick of the way a million players say "we don't like this", and Blizz says "yes you do". So long, it's been a great ride, but quit micro-managing my game...just give me a game and let me play it......logging off and signing in to my Torchlight 2 Berserker. Sam....out.
As a long term gamer i have had a good feed into what works and what doesn't work! But i'm gana tell you this, changin dex so it fits you isnt going to help out all builds.(which they want to keep in tact) From my stand point they need to change more then just dex. I.E-why doesnt vit govern your armor like other games. wouldnt it be more benifitial to all classes! and why doesnt dex give .01 crit as so that all classes can benifit from it? But me saying this most likely wont do any good cause its all rambling. If you really want to change something get a group together. Do the math and adress changes! then spam the hell out ever forum you can and ask people to repost. Why leave it to the game developers to change the game in there image? If you feel there is a problem address it largely so it can be heard!

and a short message for those skill tree complaing people. think for one sec how unbalanced the game would be if they had them! im not saying they shouldnt be there but as of right now it would make the game a cake walk more then it already is.
-Make 1 dex = .5 armor for all classes
-Leave the STI 50% nerf
-Unnerf enchantress
-Make spirit generation scale up with DPS

Problems solved?
My only issue is the wait...with no eta on changes and no exact changes it makes it hard to believe that the monk issues have been in the works like they should have been. I will say that Im glad they are working on it though..
[quote="67938091268"]We don't have any changes planned for OWE right now. That may change, but if it does, we'd still want our approach to be as outlined above.

this is from defensive skill changes blog

Changes to One With Everything heavily impact existing monk gear. We still plan on addressing this in the future but will do so in a way that does not invalidate the gear monks have invested in.

Sooooo.... Lie much?
only change that blizz will make to a monk is the nerf of one with everything. if you people think that monk is going to get a buff, you are so wrong. blizz is only hurting the budget of people who dont have gear from the top, so deal with it and stop hoping that blizz will make the game more pleasant for us.
What you need to do is give players more control over there passives. Give us points for leveling up our paragon to spend on improving the base green numbers you have in place already. This gives players much more freedom to focus their points in different areas to increase build diversity and makes their builds that more unique. You can place caps on the amount of points in a passive if your worried about some becoming to overpowered. Just saying right now my character can be the exact replica of any other character if I have their gear and match their level.
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NO NO NO...the REAL question here is why is blizzard saying they want build diversity when barbs ALL use weapons master and ruthless.....
DO NOT mess with my Monk!! I repeat!! DO NOT MESS!! Build diversity is there, people just don't use it cause there isn't much content to use it in! Mess with the numbers, fine! You (blizzard) have already screwd that class over and over many times already in your useless patches. Mess with my monk one more time and I don't care about upcoming PvP.. This isn't a warning, its a promise!
I have spent many hours trying to undo all the crap you put my monk through and I won't go through it anymore. There is a simple saying and I think you @ blizzard should pay attention to.. "If it ain't broken, DON'T FIX IT!"

Quit tweaking and move forward, your just shooting yourself in the foot with all this tweaking!
Sad to read blue's response. Monk has very low spirit regen rate. Any skill based rebalance won't work. monk useful skill has a very long cool down time too. I feel monk will get another nerf soon after read blue post.
im sure devs gonna read or take advice from blues who wrote here.
63 pages of complaints are not easy to miss.
so keep your feedbacks up and running.
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i use tempest rush to escape. it works well :)
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im sure devs gonna read or take advice from blues who wrote here.
63 pages of complaints are not easy to miss.
so keep your feedbacks up and running.
I plan to. This is a terrible state that Monks will be in.
How about make Dex do dodge and crit chance?

don't change the dodge dynamics of dex but add crit chance! something like 1% cc for every 100 dex?

make monks the explosive bruce lee hero they should be

edit: or make it an offensive passive that gives CC for every 100 dex!
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