Yes, small, irrelevant. All this was, was a ring proc doing too much damage. That's tiny, minuscule, the sort of thing that PTR's catch.

That is part of the issue. The Hellfire Ring is a MAJOR addition to the game. Should have been tested to see if the ring functioned as intended. Prior to any PTR or Public Release or anything like that.

In my opinion, this is not about the PTR. This is about Internal Testing not being done.

You see a ring, as a major addition?
Not the content? Not the MP lvls?

Can't you see how you have lost focus here? The genre is turning upside down, the whole reason to play and thus improve your character, progress, as a product of that- because you enjoy it. This is now, primarily to improve your damage, the playing of the game is something you just have to do in order to achieve it, or spend RM.

The tail is now wagging the dog in modern games, because people like you have lost focus and Blizzard decided to cash in on it. This is why games are becoming very poor in quality (quality and quantity of content).
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